What was the music played at McCain's Concession speech?

A GQ perhaps, but since it’s about music I’ll put it here. I’m referring to the music as the candidates and their families leave the stage. It begins at about 2:50 on this post. It’s haunting but more cinematic than classical in its sound.

I’m 99% sure it’s Hans Zimmer, possibly Crimson Tide.

Yup. Good call.

Thanks. I wonder why he chose that piece.

Black dude with passionate following stands up to stubborn white vet with more military experience but less sound judgement, perhaps?


And interestingly, Obama’s side played music from another Denzel Washington film, Remember the Titans. MTV News picked up on the connection. “It followed an African-American coach who brought together whites and blacks to win a championship.”

I believe that there was a musical edit after the “Remember the Titans” piece where they transitioned to the score from “The Patriot”, a movie featuring an anti-semitic Catholic portraying a colonial plantation owner who, inspired by vengeance more than patriotism, whoops up on the English after they kill his son. Hmm… can anyone come up with a clever comparison to the campaign?
Obama Victory Speech (music at the end, The Patriot starts around 8:00)
The Patriot (relevant score starts around 3:00)

Well played sir.