What was the name of that show?

There were these fabulous short films for kids, where someone would ask how something was made: “How do they get toothpaste in the toothpaste tubes?” And they would cut to celebrities, often Joanne Worley or Woody Allen who would describe some silly answer.

Then they’d show you the actual factory where toothpaste tubes were being filled. It was COOL.

They used to show them sometimes after the “AfterSchool Special” and often in class tagged on to films the teacher would show us.

I think the show was called “Hot Dog”. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about?

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I don’t remember the specifics, but I absolutely remember the show. Yes, it was called Hotdog. I used to see it on Saturday mornings in the mid-to-late 70’s. Sort of like a very cool “Ask Mr. Science”. Hotdog and Schoolhouse Rock were great educational kid’s shows. Too bad that kinda’ stuff isn’t made anymore.

Yes, I remember that show and I think you are right about the name - “Hot Dog”. I also remember a show that was hosted by Tom Chapin (Harry Chapin’s brother) that had the same format. I remember Tom singing “Make A Wish” at the end of the show…maybe it was the same show? Or maybe the name of this show was “Make A Wish”? I seem to remember that these shows were on Saturday morning, so maybe I lost some of the brain cells that should be remembering this stuff.

BTW - I remember all kinds of useless crap from 60s television. How many of you remember a Saturday morning show called, “Winky Dink and You”? If anyone is interested, I can provide more absolutely inane 60s TV trivia.

Winky Dink?

Wasn’t the gimmick a piece of clear plastic that you stuck to the TV screen? And you drew on it, probably with special pencils?

And you had to send away for the plastic and pencils, and if your mom was divorced then you didn’t have any money, so everyone else had Winky Dink stuff except you, and you felt totally left out cuz you couldn’t do Winky Dink?

Nope, don’t remember.

Hey Ralf, I think that Tom Chapin show you were talking about was called “Animals, Animals, Animals”. It was a show about…well, animals. Tom usually sang a song about the subject animal, I think. I used to watch on Sunday mornings.

You’re blending my threads.


*Hot Dog * and Make a Wish were two completely different shows.

Nope. Same guy / different show.

I think you’re smarter than a dumb slug. - Christopher A. Evans

Auntie: Yeah! That was it! And since Saran Wrap hadn’t been invented yet, us poor kids would draw directly on the TV screen with crayolas. Man, did that irritate my parents!

Leslie: So, are you saying that Tom Chapin was host of two different shows: “Make A Wish” and “Animals, Animals, Animals”?

I remember Shrinky Dinks. Clear plastic you colored with pencils, cut out, and baked in the oven till it shrunk to a quarter of the original size.


I think you’re smarter than a dumb slug. - Christopher A. Evans