What was the number on the Quaalude pill?

I seem to remember it had a number.

I remember Zonker, from the Doonesbury comic strip, wore a quaalude costume to a party once and it had the number displayed.

Maybe somebody out there has access to a Physician’s Desk Reference.

thanks, stupid office trivia games.

The imprint code on a Quaalude was ‘714.’

Also, according to a good friend of mine (who would know, he was alive back then), Chong’s shirt at the end of “Up In Smoke” has a big Quaalude on it. The number might well be 714, I don’t remember.

< The Godz> "Feelin’ fine on 714’s, they got me trippin’ out the door…< /The Godz>

Definitely 714.

I’m pretty sure it was 714.


hmmmm… 714 is also the area code for Orange County California, a known hangout for druggies!

Little-known fact: there were half-strengh tablets of Quaaludes, those were 712’s.

The 714’s were 300mg of methaqualone, the 712’s 150 mg.

sigh The days…

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Is there anything that can’t be answered on this board? I am deeply impressed.


Methaqualone was produced by at least two different manufacturers, under brand names like Quaalude and Sopor. It came in capsules and tablets, and there were a variety of sizes of each. But one indeed did say “714” on it.


“Rio”, by Duran Duran.

In the 1960s.

For 714 minutes.

Wasn’t 714 also the badge number of Joe Friday?

And the number of home runs hit by Babe Ruth.

And why again were they discontinued? Just because people abuse a substance it need not disappear. Vicodin anyone?

The abuse potential far outweighted any benefit from the drug. I recall the marketing blurbs before it got pulled (aimed at physicians): “For when your patient really, really, really needs to go to sleep, use Quaaludes!”

Well, my patients have never needed to sleep quite that badly.

I’ll second that. (not that it needs a second) I knew a kid when I was 19 or so who was on Quaaludes prescribed by his doctor. Veeery strange kid, hyper even on Quaaludes. He used to take 1/2 doses so that he could be “pretty normal” yet still save up tabs to sell to others.

Rorer 714, back in the day. When you absolutely, positively had to be wasted. I don’t see Rorer mentioned, but that’s what the one’s I had said.

Did the 712 and 714 mean anything?

Damn, you beat me to it!

So it was just a sleeping pill?
Where’s the fun in going to sleep?

I missed out on the hippie Sixties—but I thought drugs were all about mind-bending, musical, colorful experiences. Not sleeping.
So can someone please explain to me why the Qualude was so popular?