What were the "numbers" of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll?

When I was in middle school, I remember seeing graffiti around the school (carved into desks, written on bathroom walls, etc.) that looked like this:



(The ******* represents a sequence of three numbers I can no longer recall.)

Another kid in my class explained to me that those were the numbers representing Sex (69), Drugs (?), and Rock & Roll (2112). Now Sex = 69, I understand. Rock & Roll being 2112 is a stretch, presumably referring to the Rush album of that title (or does reference to 2112 predate Rush’s record?).

So what three-digit number stood for Drugs? Was it a police code, or something – analogous to the police code “187” becoming slang for “murder”?


Possibly … I don’t know. Is that a police code for some kind of drug offense?

I’ve forgotten this so totally that I wouldn’t remember if it if I saw it. So I’m one of the Dopers knows this AND specifically remembers it.

OK, by Googling [ “Sex, Drugs”, 69, 2112 ], I got the following from a tagline site:

“69, 714, 2112 Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll”

Googling that tagline brings up several more cites.

So “714” seems to stand for drugs. What is the connection?

714 is the area code for Orange County, California, FWIW.

714 was the number on the Quaalude, made by Rohrer, later by Lemmon, I think.

Sure enough. Makes perfect sense.

Thanks, all!

Funny thing. Just a couple days ago on VH1 guilty pleasures, Rick James said that was the significance of the “room 714 I’ll be waiting” line from Superfreak.