What was the real name of the man who played Step 'n Fetchit in the movies?

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Lincoln Theodore Monroe Perry.

According to this, his name was Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry. Apparently, his parents liked certain U.S. Presidents.

Interesting trivia, also according to IMDB: He was the first black actor to become a millionaire.

I had heard of him before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of his work.

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Fetchit’s work is rarely shown nowadays, since the type of role people assume he played is considered too offensive today. From what I’ve heard, he was probably no worse, and somewhat better than some. It’s complicated by the fact that his films didn’t star people who mean anything to modern audiences (Willie Best – who is probably what people have in mind when they think of Fetchit – appeared with people like Bob Hope, so he sometimes can be seen).

From what I understand, Fetchit objected to being singled out, since it was the only way to get work in Hollywood at the time.

See also Hattie McDaniel’s comment.

“Hell, I’d rather play a maid than be one.”

I would just add that Stepin Fetchit’s most accessible work is probably the “Our Gang” short “A Tough Winter.” He also had a little more than a walk-on in the classic “Won Ton Ton–The Dog Who Saved Hollywood.”

Stepin Fetchit also allegely taught Muhammad Ali the famous “Anchor Punch” in which he “knocked out” Sonny Liston in their rematch.

Willie Best can be seen a lot on TCM.The stock Warner’s porter/handyman bugeyed scaredycat.

I’d think he would have made as much as Stepin Fetchit,if not more.
Was in loads of films including classics like High Sierra.