Buster Crabbe

Buster Crabbe was one of my childhood heroes. He was in quite a few Westerns, played Flash Gordon, made many of those serials they played on Saturdays, was a Tarzan, and had many other appearances that had him ranking with Johnny Weissmuller as far as I was concerned.

Just letting you know, if you didn’t, that there really was such a person.

What made me think of him though is the ridiculous nickname!

His birthname was Clarence Linden Crabbe and among his IMDB biography items there is

But I’m not here to praise Buster. I’m here to ask one simple question:

Can you name anybody else with as unsuitable a nickname?


What’s wrong with Buster as a nickname?

What’s so unsuitable about it?

Think about it: Bust Her Crab(s)!

To me that’s cruel and unusual nicknaming!

Sorry, I was distracted by all those Zels getting Darred.

And in this case, crab is a euphemism for what, exactly?

My ex-husband (shares the name, so I had to live with it for years) was a relative of Buster Crabbe.

And that there’s my brush with greatness.

Of all Dopers I would have figured you to know about Crabs!

Not even close, as I see it.

Makes about as much sense, though.

Come on. Surely you’ve heard somebody’s nickname that when coupled with their real name (surname most likely) makes a phrase that’s very unbecoming?

Mike Hunt for example.

Sorry, Zeldar. Buster Hymen? Yes, very inappropriate. Buster Crabbe? Reeeeaaaalllly a stretch.

I know plenty about the human infestation known as crabs. I’m unaware of any euphemism about the “busting” of crabs. A regionalism, perhaps? Even my years in Maryland, where I spent much time both catching and eating Chesapeake Bay crabs didn’t introduce me to the term.

So I fear that I too don’t get it.

Never mind, then.

Maybe you shoulda listened more, instead of letting your mercenaries sunbathe.

Not to mention busting her keatons and her douglas :smiley:

That’s the spirit.

What about Charles Waggoner?

It’s official. Beavis and Butthead have destroyed American civilization. :eek:

Heh, heh.


Western civilization was wearing out, anyhow.

Duke Wayne?
… implying a member of the British peerage?