What was this 80s toy?

My brother and I were just reminiscing about some of the very strange toys we had in the 80s. One which we both remember was this cross between a guitar and a xylophone. It was electronic, and about 3 feet long, white. It had maybe 36 colored “keys” on it (they weren’t really buttons, as they didn’t press down very hard, so that you could run your hand up or down for a long scale). It came with a book of music that you could play on your own.

It wasn’t a keytar, as they keys weren’t in any piano-like configuration. They were about the size of Guitar Hero buttons, but much closer together. Any ideas?

Like this one? - YouTube

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Nope - it didn’t even look like a guitar - it was just a long slender guitar neck, with a small bulb at the end with the speaker.

The Magical Musical Thing!

NM Munch got it right.

Pet Rock?


Apple IIe?


Phoebe Cates?

Yeah, I had one of those. Annoyed the hell out of my parents.

We had one as well. Great fun!

Did it go…


Rumor has it that Kevin Kline has the only one ever made and can sing in both English an French.
…and you wonder why he smiles…