What was this 90's arcade game?

Trying to remember the name of one of my favorite arcade games from the early 90s.
It was a co-op game that I believe was split screen. In each “mission” there was a timer and you and your partner had to move through a level setting timed bombs at marked locations and then get out of the area before all your bombs destroyed it.
It was a top down view and you could shoot at enemies or avoid their bullets by pinning yourself up against a wall.
Also, whenever you set a bomb in place the screen would briefly show a 2-second cut scene of a hand putting the timed bomb onto a surface.
Any ideas?

Sounds like Bomberman or Dynablaster except for the cut scene thing.

I thought of xenophobia first, but it isnt top down.

Was this actually in arcades, or a home console game? If so what console?

If an arcade game, were the controls like?

Pretty sure the game you’re thinking of is Crackdown, by Sega.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Good job, Neo-Calredic!

That’s the one. Thanks.

Moving from CS to the Game Room.

I remember that but didn’t know it was a sega game …

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