What was this children's tv show?

Probably '80s. A polite super unoffensive kid with long curly blonde hair travels around with his big sheepdog, taking odd jobs and having lame “adventures”. It wasn’t a prime time offering- probably Saturday morning.

I would suggest Belle and Sebastian, but Sebastian had short brown hair.

Thanks, but not it.

Was it the British kids’ show “Mop and Smiff”?

Nope, not it either. It was definitely US.

Jamie and the Magic Torch ran for three seasons, from 1976-1979 but is a UK series. Jamie is described as having “an Osmonds blow-wave” by a reviewer on IMDB. Note that it’s by the same guy who eventually created Danger Mouse and that show certainly got plenty of airtime in the US; I don’t see why JatMT couldn’t have as well although I can’t find where it might have aired online.

Another possibility is The Famous Five, a show about a group of kids and a dog who have adventures. The show is based off the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton and ran for 2 seasons, from 1978-1979.

Are you certain it was a sheepdog?

“When I advertised for a shaggy dog, I didn’t mean that shaggy.”