What was this documentary?

It followed a gang of (Russian?) orphans around as they spent their days huffing paint or something. It was like Oliver Twist, except intense. I plan to watch it again, if I can find it free/cheap. If I remember correctly, it quite figuratively rocked my socks off.

Also, in the event that it’s too expensive for me acquire, please remind me of its sock-rocking intensity.

I remember seeing that at some point, but I think it may have been kids from Central or South America, not Russia. (maybe in Sao Paulo or Lima?)

Pretty grim for those youngsters…

Could it be the Academy Award nominated Children of Leningradsky

No, but it appears to document almost the same thing. The children in mine also lived in train stations, I think somewhere in Eastern Europe. I really don’t think it was Moscow and I know it wasn’t South America.

I think it would alternate between interviews with the half dozen kids and their daily lives- begging, huffing, fighting and etc.

The huffing of that shit played a big role, or at least is what had the biggest impact on me.

There’s one called Flowers Don’t Grow Here about kids in Kiev, Ukraine.

No, but holy shit there’s a lot of documentaries about Russian street urchins.

Good God, does that film ever sound depressing…

Perhaps Children Underground? Follows Romanian children living in train tunnels and huffing paint. Quite sad. I vaguely remember an interview with a girl’s parents and maybe a reunion that was pretty emotional.

I learned something today. I had never herd the expression "huffing paint’ before and had no idea what it meant until I Googled it. Now, please excuse me; I have to chase some kids off my lawn.

Bingo. Thanks.

I’m familiar with William Blake, Peter Pan and Michael Jackson, but I never really got why children are supposedly so special. However, after rewatching this thing on youtube, it becomes apparent. I highly advise everyone with eyeballs to obtain a copy and view it.

And then when you have, we can talk about what complete assholes adults in Bucharest are. You don’t give charity to a homeless crackhead, sure. The conservative “they’re there by their own choice” is at least not absurd. But you’re not even supposed give 12 year olds a choice. Fuck.