They made a movie about Indigo children.

Was in Circuit City this aft and saw it among the DVDs. Og help us all.

I followed the IMDb link to the movie’s official site and watched the trailer. I thought I understood what the whole “Indigo child” nonsense was about, but the trailer implied it was something supernatural, so maybe it isn’t about Indigo children, after all.

Oh, it’s about indigo children, all right. There’s a whole undercurrent of world salvation and peace and light and pretty angels involved in the indigo child movement. The indigo children will save us from the destruction engendered by our unevolved worldview!

Did you read the user comments for the movie? Enough to make a sane, rational person cry…

One of the screenplay co-authors is Neale Douglas Wals. Enough said.

Well, not enough letters in the name said- alas. :smack: :wally on myself.


Can somebody explain about these “indigo Children”? I’m having a hard time understanding it from these links, and I’ve never heard of them, or of Neale Douglas Wals, before.

I hadn’t heard of IC before, either, but I googled up this. Weird.

“Indigo child” is the new name for “don’t blame the parents that their child is a brat”. Plus you get all kinds of new agey woo-woo stuff as a bonus!

What do you want to know? The basic idea is that the world is in danger. We’ve been destroying it with wars, GM foods, beliefs in harmful religions etc. So for the last 15 or so years, God has started sending us Indigo Children. These are bright, strong willed kids who are going to change the direction that we’re going in, and save the human race.

Indigo kids are supposed to be rule breakers or difficult children, but adults aren’t supposed to try to change their behaviors with rules, and punishments because the kids have a higher purpose. The way to deal with them is to let them have a hand in making house rules, and not attempting to force them into behaving in a conventional way. Or whatever.

That’s because, while there probably is a Neale Douglas Wals somewhere, he’s not famous. There is a Neale Douglas Walsch, however, who is somewhat known for writing the New-Agey series of CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD books, and who was involved in this movie.

In other words, these “Indigo Children” are spoiled, little brats because God wants them to be spoiled, little brats?

Not just spoiled brats. *Special * spoiled brats who will one day rule the world.

Oy vey.

So, like, are they all blonde and blue-eyed? 'cos it reminds me of this time I was driving through Midwich…

d’oh, make that “golden-eyed”.

Ha! Apparently it was filmed in or near my hometown, as it stars about a dozen of the regulars from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

…How embarrassing for them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, it seems that I have an newfound unjustified hate for that young actress who plays the granddaughter. She bugs me.


Or, in some circles, the hybrid offspring of alien-human mating (from all those abductions). Which is why they’re so “deep” and “wise” from such a young age.

Or something.