Spoil "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" for me.

This movie looks like it would be a cute, fun sort of thing to take your kids to see on a rainy day. I, of course, am suspicious. This looks like one those damned crying-all-over-yourself, ambush sad ending movies like "Pay it Forward"or “Forrest Gump”. Help me out here. I want to know if I should stay home if my Mom wants to see it.

I’m curious too. I also wonder if the eponymous character is a Marty Stu, because given the premise from the trailer (two parents who can’t conceive write down all of the best traits you could have in a child, bury the box, and the kid with those traits magically appears), I can’t imagine the kid NOT being insufferably perfect.

Though I suppose if its intentional there’s a chance you can make it work and not be bad.

Thankfully, some of the traits that they wrote down include “able to produce long, sharp claws from his hands,” “healing factor,” “won’t take any shit from anyone” and “best sideburns ever,” so it turned out to be a pretty decent movie after all.

And what’s the deal with the leaves on the kid’s legs?

Don’t ask him about his leaves!

I haven’t seen it, but from what I gathered from the AVclub review:

An infertile couple writes down all the traits their hypothetical child would possess and buries the paper in the garden. Tim shows up and has all those traits (plus leaves on his legs). He goes around the town helping all the dumb adults with their problems without managing to ever cultivate his own personality. Every time he helps someone with a problem, a leaf falls off. When all the leaves fall, he ceases to be. The couple decides this experience makes them want to adopt.

Coinkadinkally, one of the morning news shows just featured a video of two little boys in meltdown mode after having just seen the movie. All I could make out was “I didn’t want him to DIE!!!”. So, if your kids are particularly sensitive, I would give this one a pass.

Does he really “die”, as in dead body that must be disposed of, or does he just disappear?

I was going to say something really snarky, but I won’t.


What intrigues me, is that the premise could also be for a horror movie. This 10-year-old child who matches the descriptions you left in a box shows up from your garden with leaves on his legs and insists that he’s your child? I wouldn’t be opening my door and having heart-warming adventures with the kid; I would slam and lock the door and call for help.

I hope the movie does fairly well, since I love Joel Edgerton and want him to have his pick of awesome movies, but I probably won’t be going to see it.


Having seen the film, I agree.

“In a world where dreams sometimes come true, one should be careful what one wishes for…”

You’d have to change the cast though.

Know what this movie needs? A monkey’s paw.

I empathize - I can’t keep a houseplant alive either.


WOOKINPANUB, are you in L.A.? I heard about this on the Handel show & watched the video on KFI’s web site. So sad, but the mother, who isn’t seen on the video, is nearly in fits & giggles talking to the kids. I think the boys were feeding off each other’s sadness.

I still want to see it, though.

If you search for it, the Washington Post’s review basically spoilered the whole thing.

Oh good, it’s a learning experience. For a minute there it sounded like an awful tragedy.

I’m in Florida but I saw it on Good Morning America, I think. I thought it was kind of strange that the mother was even filming them, much less laughing.

There is a horror film called Little Otik with a surprisingly similar story, except instead of spreading love and acceptance, the garden baby goes around eating people. Sounds like the better film, to be honest.

what an awful compost to read.