What was this Firefly-like show?

I’m positive there was a show that I saw late at night about a year or two ago that might have been a Firefly copy (or might have predated it). It was set on a spaceship and had three characters who looked roughly like Mal, Zoe, and Kaylee.

I think it may have been a Canadian or British show; at least one of the women had a British accent if I remember rightly. It had pretty low production values (single ‘bridge’ set, badly lit, for the ship, plus some occasional outside locations).

It also wasn’t that good, at least what I saw of it. If you haven’t yet seen the movie and know what this show is, go see it instead before you reply. I’ll wait.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Blake’s 7 ?

Andromeda? I hadn’t heard of it either but I caught it on Sci/FI the other day (in an apparent marathon) it seemed like it drew from Star Trek/Babylon 5/Firefly all at the same time. The clean ‘look’ of Star Trek the sort of action/no simple answers of Babylon 5 and the smirky one liners from Firefly…only sucky.

Here’s a link to what I saw.

Were they all young, like early 20’s, and dressed kind of like snowboarders? If it’s what I’m thinking of, I think I saw the first episode, where they all were woken from cryogenic sleep but didn’t remember for a while what their roles and ranks on the ship were.

I think what I’m thinking of predated Firefly.

 Andromeda was created from an Idea byt Gene Rodenbery, and predates Firefly. It could have been good (or at least decent), but the producers and  the one huge ego in the cast kept it from being anything other than, well, sucky.

I always felt it was kind of a lesser Farscape rather than Firefly.

Firefly and Farscape were both way better though.

FYI, what I mentioned previously was definitely not Andromeda.

My guess –
StarhunterStarhunter follows the exploits of the crew of the spaceship Trans Utopian (The Tulip) , a former luxury liner that has been refitted to serve a bounty-hunting crew.

Leading the crew during the first season is Dante Montana (Michael Paré), who became a bounty hunter in order to search for his son, Travis, who was abducted ten years earlier by a group of Raiders. During the raid, Dante’s wife, Penny, was killed. The Raiders are a group of genetically enhanced former-soldiers who were rendered sterile, and must abduct children to increase their numbers.

. . .Season 2 saw a change of direction for the show. Percy emerges from hyperspace 15 years later, and claims salvage rights on The Tulip, since Rudolpho collected the insurance money on the ship, and the insurance company is now out of business. Rudolpho, now down on his luck, joins the crew of the ship.

Interesting. Not to hijack too much but what was the production/ego problems?

I think that was it. Now that I recall, I may have seen the first episode I saw right after Firefly was canceled; possibly they were concurrent.

It’s not any of the others mentioned. If I had to guess, it was made in the 90’s at the earliest.

I do remember them being all dressed kind of weird. And the ship’s set/lighting had a decidedly blue cast to it.

If I remember rightly, the ‘Kaylee’ character stayed on the ship and monitored their activity. She may also have been the helmsman. I think she had red hair.

Sounds a little like The Starlost, but the three main characters were two men and a woman.

After I posted, I saw Papiermache Prince’s post. That’s it!

I recognized the engineer girl from the show’s website.

I guess the ship had more to it than I thought.

If panamajack and I are thinking of the same thing, it was WAY after The Starlost. I’m think it was mid to late 90’s, and possibly an original show on the SciFi channel.

OK, that’s certainly not the thing I’m thinking of, everybody was much younger that Michael Pare on the one I had in mind.

Yeah, but anytime I hear “cheesy sci-fi show with three cast members”, I’ll always reflexively start at Starlost.

Sometimes “cheesy sci-fi show” is enough.

Not sure if this is what Sweetums was thinking of, but my understanding was…

  1. The producers felt that it was too difficult for the audience to follow what was going on, so they continued to simplify the storylines and eventually dropped all pretense of a continuing story; all episodes became standalones with no overall “arc”.

  2. Kevin Sorbo felt that the show was really about him and that it should only focus on his character, ignoring all the others.

If anybody has any idea what show I was thinking of, let me know please.

The StarLost was a great concept.

I saw a couple of episodes of Starhunter. It looked considerably more interesting than I thought any show featuring Michael Pare had any right to be.

Have you read Harlan Ellison’s account of the whole situation, I think in Stalking The Nightmare?