What was this hair product?

Many, many years ago, I was a swimmer. In the pool 3 hours a day. Suffice it to say, my hair was not happy with that. My mom purchased a conditioner / hair mask that helped “heal” my hair greatly, and I would like to try and find it again, as TheKid is having serious hair issues.

It was in a tub, a very pale orange, smelled of oranges. It was pretty thick, not goopy. I want to say it was a Nexxus product; however, skimming through their website, I’m not finding it. They have something called Emergencee - not it. She is using Queen Helene cholesterol now, and the smell is atrocious. It helps somewhat, but years of bleaching has wrecked her hair. She is planning on getting her hair chopped after graduation and letting it grow out. Until then, I know this long lost conditioner / hair mask would help.

Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream?

Potion #9 doesn’t come in a tub, but it IS a pale orange goop (and a really fantastic leave-in conditioner). It smells so good I never want to put down the tube! So it’s probably not the same thing you used, but I think it would work for your purposes. I was introduced to this stuff as a teenager, and it’s seriously some kind of magical hair ointment.

It was called Aloe Rid, perfect product for swimmers hair. I’m not sure if Nexxus makes it anymore but that’s what you’re looking for.

ETA: huh, looks like people are using it to try to pass drug tests since it’s a clarifying shampoo. Might make it harder to find.