What was this movie (kid travelling solo through Africa)

For some reason, I recently recalled a movie I saw on TV as a youngster. The main character was a 10-to-12-year-old boy of British descent, who had to make his way from one part of Africa (Egypt?) down to Durban, South Africa. I think his parents had died and he knew he had an aunt down there. It may have been set around the time of World War II but I don’t recall the war being a major plot point beyond, perhaps, being the cause of his parents’ death. Or it may have been set just before or just after WWII.

I saw the movie probably 30 years ago, to give you a feeling for its vintage.

Anyone else remember seeing such a movie?

“A Boy Ten Feet Tall” (original title “Sammy Going South”)

Damn - that was fast and yes, this looks to be exactly the movie I saw. I’ll have to see if Netflix has it available.