What was this really gross horror movie?

Need a title: mad scientist turns people into dissected neural systems. Most notable scene: person’s face clamped to a supporting frame, with only their de-cerebralized midbrain behind it.

Was it Brain Dead ?

Yep, that looks like it. Thanks.

Btw, this is not the film by Peter Jackson which was released in the US as Dead-Alive. I’ve seen the Jackson one. Now I gotta see this (the two Bill P’s AND Bud Cort in the cast!)

Great, it has both Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton in it. How will I tell their characters apart?

One is Lone Starr, hunted by an alien before becoming the President of the United States who fights an alien invasion, and the other is a wisecracking sidekick of Danny Glover who gets killed by a predator, and then is a cynical sidekick of Michael Biehn who gets killed by an alien.

Hmm. That doesn’t help as much as I thought.

The most disturbing nightmare I ever had was similar to the description in the OP. Not sure if that means I should see this flick, or really shouldn’t see this flick.

Is that before or after he makes out with and gropes Helen Hunt?

Before, actually; he spends a little time with the stork-like Helen Hunt a full eight years after being gutted in a dimly-lit subway.

Apparently her standards were pretty low.

Brain Dead (two words) vs. Braindead. That’s why I couldn’t find it when I searched. Thanks again MackoUr.