What was this weird Godzilla movie... or did I imagine it??

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So… when I was a child, I LOVED LOVED LOVED this bizarre Godzilla movie, which was rerun over and over on a Minneapolis UHF station. It had a baby… child… whatever… version of Godzilla. There was also a creepy Japanese kid who was teased by everyone at his school. This kid (named Ken??) went to Monster Island several times, where he learned life lessons from Baby Godzilla, including how to deal with bullies.

I can’t find this film now!! There are a couple of films with the baby Godzilla, but they don’t seem to match the description exactly. Does anyone know what it was called?

The movie had two awesome-sounding titles: “All Monsters Attack” in Japanese and “Godzilla’s Revenge” in English. The movie itself had nothing to do with those titles.


Sort of infamous among Godzilla fandom, along with “Godzilla vs Megalon”, considered the nadir of the series. The main part of the movie deals with a child in industrial Tokyo, tormented by bullies and neglected by his busy parents. Subplots include a bank robbery(!) and imagining being on Monster Island to befriend a shrinking talking Minya(!!). It should be said, though, at the time, the movie budgets were on par with television episodes. Most of the Godzilla action is in stock-footage flashbacks and Minya dealing with a bully monster named Gabara (also the name of the kid’s bully).

I remember not liking the ending, (Spoilers!) the boy wins acceptance among the bullies by becoming a bully to a painting worker.

My Godzilla-loving husband says it was Son of Godzilla. He says the whole movie was the human child’s dream. Does that sound familiar?

Slightly on topic…

I THINK that “Godzilla’s Revenge” sounds about right. :slight_smile: I was thinking of trying to find it on Amazon Prime and watching it at home while rehabbing from a knee injury. All I can say is that at the age of 8, it seemed to be great filmmaking.

Godzooky!! A truly-back-in-the-day moment. :wink: Note that-- as was always the case with cartoon characters until very recently-- Godzilla was his uncle. Think about it. Donald Duck had Hewey, Dewey, and Louie, Mickey had those three weird mouse nephews…

And sure enough, here it is. Godzilla is actually Minilla’s father-- I think that the “uncle” convention was an American thing. Of course… who was Minilla’s mom? :rolleyes:

I remember it too. I saw it at a UM film night on their campus in Minneapolis. I think they showed another called Godzilla vs the Smog Monster that had a very ecological message.



The Cinema Snob just did a review of Godzilla’s Revenge/All Monster’s Attack which should have enough clips to jar your memory: