What Was Your Favorite "SuperBowl" Commercial?

I actually took my bathroom breaks during the game so I wouldn’t miss any of them. To bad they can’t make commercials that good all the time huh?

I think my favorite was when when the two dudes threw the football at the tree to get the car to fall out that was stuck in it. It really surprised me.

The second one was probably the guy that fed alot stuff to his his dog to make room for the Bud Light in the fridge.

Well what about ya’ll?

Well, our neighbors invited us over.
After the first quarter, my son got bored so we left.
The squirrel one was a real letdown. Boring.
I liked the one which was a take off on the waaazzzuuuuuuppp commercials.
My favorite was the one where the guy danced in the kitched, thereby when he opened the beer for his girlfriend, it went all over her.
Great! loved the blow drying her off after too.

My fave was the iced vodka commercial, where the bear was trying to get into the cooler. The one guy diverted the bears attention by coating his buddy in honey from a squeeze bottle.

I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

I spent the first half bathing Little Spritle and putting him to bed, so Mrs. Spritle and I didn’t get to the game till the second half. I agree that my fav was the iced Vodka commercial. I laughed so much I didn’t hear the rest of it (when he was talking to the two ladies).

[hijack] Was it only me or did Britt.n;flfl (I can’t even type her name!) seem REALLY out of place during half time. I mean I just couldn’t get little miss bubble gum pop singer trying to belt out a gritty “Walk this Way” with Steve Tyler. NSync (Ha! - Ben Stiller’s “That NSucked”) was quite a stretch, too. I guess the producers had to pull all demographics into the high commercial time.[/hijack]

Another vote for the boyfriend dancing with the beer and then spraying the girlfriend. I also liked the one where the office worker throws the pencil through the ceiling and it lodges in some guy sitting in a meeting.

I thought that for the most part the commercials weren’t all that great. In fact, I actually disliked that one with the car in the tree.

I think the only two good ones were the honey and the play on the “whassup”. I thought the “whassup” was hilarious–“What are YOU doing?” “I’m just catching the market recap and drinking an import…what are you DOING?” ha ha ha! That was the best one!

spritle: Yes. She looked somewhat off. Britney.
Sortof like a groupie trying to sing. At least, she Looked like a groupie.
It was funny though.

My favorite was the running of the squirrels.

The one where the woman gets sprayed when she opens the beer wasn’t funny, I saw the punch line coming from a mile away. And I didn’t care for the “whassup” parodies either. Doing a play on an annoying commercial just perpetuates the annoyance.

I really liked the squirrels as well. I love squirrels in general and to me, squirrels = comedy.

But a commercial that was BEFORE kick off was actually my favorite and that was the little girl who was hearing the story of how her knight in shining armor would show up and sweep her off her feet and bring her to a beautiful castle someday where she would live the life of a princess…and then the camera pulls back and we see that the voice over is Sarah Ferguson and she says,

“but if that doesn’t work out…you’ll have to know how to invest.”

it was for charles schwab. WHAT A RIOT.

Commercials? What commercials? They only broadcast the stupid game here (yawn), not the interesting stuff, the commercials. Arrgggh.

Ugh… I hated that car in the tree one. It made no sense. I couldn’t even fathom how not going easy on the clutch would cause a car to end up in the tree like that. I know commercials aren’t supposed to make sense, but they’re supposed to be based on reality. I knew it was a VW commercial too because they’re always silent like that with those stupid non-hair-brushing people. (Like that loser that gets excited about the windows going down with the hot wife/girlfriend)


I don’t know if it was a SB commercial, but I like the doritos one with the tennis machine. I saw it during survivor II actually, since I didn’t watch the SB much. I was not expecting the chick to get hit like that. I thought she was just going to catch 'em in her mouth and then the guy would do something stupid after her.

I’ll have to go check out the squirrel one at adcritic.

*loved the “running of the squirrels” pure comedy

*loved the doritos commercial

*loved the dancing boyfriend with the beer

*loved the “how are you doing”

*my absolute favorite was the monkey cowboy. Especially when he cried at the end and held the petco.com sock puppet…i was rolling

the rest were very “ehhhh”

E-trade commercial – the one with the old man security guard day sitting in his chair daydreaming about kicking some bankrobber ass, Matrix style. Some lady wakes him up, askin him something. His answer is a Jimmy Durante style “Hot-cha-cha-cha-cha”, just like in his daydream when kicking ass.
I just reread this, and if you didnt see it the already, my rendition of it isn’t very funny. But take my word for it, it was pretty good.

That makes 2 years now that E-Trade has had the best commerical. Last year’s dancing monkey “Well, we just wasted 3 Million bucks” was a classic.

I guess I’m the only one who liked the Bob Dole Pepsi commercial, huh?

(The thing is I didn’t like Dole at all when he was a politician. Then when he made fun of himself in the American Express commercial I started to like him - anyone who can make fun of himself isn’t all bad. I liked him even more when he made the Viagra commercial. And the Pepsi commercial was even more fun. Hey, I might even vote for him sometime.)

((I never liked Howard Cosell, either - until he played himself in “Bananas”. Or John Wayne until he made fun of himself at Harvard. “Some people claim that the hair on my head isn’t real. Well, it is. It isn’t mine, but it’s real.”))

OK, back to your regular stations.

Yeah, this one of my favorites as well. I can’t believe a company named “pimentoloaf.com” could ever fail though!!

I also liked the Kasparov chess/HAL-type computer one for Pepsi.

I thought that was good too, but my brothers didn’t like it. (I too, was turned on to Bob Dole by commercials - ever see the cheese commercial where some politician admits he doesn’t like cheese and it’s a huge scandal, and then they have an interview w/Bob and he says “Bob Dole thinks you’re a doofus.” hehe)

I liked the “what are you doing,” the one where he sprays the beer on his girlfriends, and the dorito/tennis machine one. the monkey cowboy was cute too (loved the pets.com sock puppet). I didn’t like the VW commercial (i usually like their commercials too … i loved the da da da one) or the pepsi commercials .

“What are you doing?”
“What are YOU doing?”

I LOVED “What are YOU doing?” The only way to make that campaign last is by making fun of it in an effective way. That’s why the alien one absolutely sucked!

The squirrels one was really funny too, just because of how deadpan the delivery was. I didn’t see the iced vodka one, but it sounds right up my alley.

So what DOES happen if you’re not easy enough on the clutch? I drive an automatic (as MOST people do, VW!) so I had no clue what was supposed to be so funny about that. I would still like to get my next car from them, however.

The Bob Dole one was good, but I’m so used to seeing him in funny ads that I knew it wouldn’t be for Viagra and having him (well, obviously not him) do a backflip was too over the top.

Liked the E*Trade monkey too. The crying seemed to be a good parody of the crying Indian ad of the last '60s.

I think the point of the VW commercial is the car is so sporty (has so much power) that he popped the cluch and it launched into the tree. I thought it was pretty funny.

My favorite was the Vodka commercial with the honey. It almost gave me a hernia!:smiley:

I like the VW ad for the GTI also.

The GTI is the sport version of the Golf, it handles better and has more power. It is a car for “enthusiasts”, and it would be sacrilegious to have an automatic in it!:stuck_out_tongue: So as far as the target demographic, male/20’s/likes to drive fast(me), it hit the nail right on the head!:slight_smile: