What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Yes, I had one, Not too may accessories, just the space sled. I thought he was fine.

I guess I was more into peaceful exploration rather than 15 ways to kill enemies. :slight_smile:

I had one of those. The big one.

I had forgotten about my Nerf rockets & launchers. Played with 'em so much that I wore holes in both launchers.

Am I the only one that had Tupperware Build-O-Fun blocks?

Oh, that totally reminds me of the most popular toy we had at my Primary School, which was Struts, something I think were locally made in New Zealand or Australia.

Hmm, never heard of them. But I gotta say, that’s not a very imaginative name. :wink:

I had those!! My mom bought a bunch of stuff from Tupperware in the early '70s (I think that my aunt was selling the stuff), and that included several toys, like that one. They were vaguely like LEGO, but a lot more of a pain to put together, as you had to get the white connectors slotted onto the lips of the red or blue blocks just so.