What was your favourite birthday present?

It’s time to buy my fella a birthday gift. He is probably the hardest person in the world to buy for. He’s a classically trained musician so has a substantial library. He is very interested in history, particularly WWII. I have given him plenty of books and DVDs on that subject. He enjoys sports - but we live too far from a city centre to buy seasons tickets to anything. (That includes the symphony of course).

Otherwise, bless his heart, he doesn’t want much. He’s not a fashion plate - so he wears what I buy him and would never ‘love’ getting something new like that. He’s not really comfortable with any new technology and wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. He works way too hard, with a day job, teaches online and is completing his Masters - so it’s not like he has tons of downtime.

So what was your favourite birthday present, that wasn’t something you’d asked for or expected? Maybe I’ll be inspired?

A Harris Tweed Inverness from The Scottish Inverness Cape Company was the top birthday present in recent memory. Not very useful if you’re in Vegas or something, but even though I have no fashion sense whatsoever, there is something about wearing an Inverness on a chilly overcast day that just can’t be duplicated.

The Deerstalker cap, on the other hand, is a bit weird.

I love toys, so toys were always a great surprise gift.

Once I got a train set. That was great.

Once I got a model rocket starter kit. Also great.

One of my favorites was the Potato Head family. The four family members and all their parts fit into the big guy shown in the back. My best friend gave it to me and I get a kick out of him picking out such a goofy item for me.