What was your high school class song?

There are two songs (at least) called “Forever Young”. Was one sung by Rod Stewart and was a hit for him a few years back. The another was sung by an obscure (in this country) band called Alphaville, came out on an album by that name in 1984 or so. The two songs have nothing in common except the title. The Alphaville song was recently revived in a commercial for Saturn cars. In another recent thread someone claimed the Alphaville song is played at proms and such, but I hadn’t heard it for years until the Saturn ad.

I graduated in 1982 and I understand the prom song was “Follow You, Follow Me” by Genesis. Bleeaah. I didn’t attend the prom, in case you were wondering.

I don’t think we had a class song (class of '72, Parkville Senior High School) but the finale to our Senior Follies Varitey Revue was “We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert.” Our principal’s first name was Albert. Clever, huh?

Ours was “Far Behind” by Candlebox. As, to this day, I have never heard the song in full, I obviously had no part in the voting process.

In one of the few efforts where I pretended to give a damn about my school and stuff like this, I and some friends lobbied to have it be “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds (This was 1986). We were told that we couldn’t have that because you can’t dance to it. Ah. So instead it was that Dionne Warwick “That’s What Friends Are For” song, which I think is blech. In my mind it’ll always be the Simple Minds song, even though I have pretty much forgotten about most of them and I’m sure they don’t think about me.

Our class song, which was our prom song, was “Turn the Page” by Bob Seger. This was in 1995.

Ours was, horrifically enough, “Time of Your Life” by Green Day. The same band that infuriated teachers in seventh grade, refusing to play their music at school dances because everyone became violent, had by five years later turned into something teachers and administration folk could say “oh! thats’ so sweet!” about. shivers oh, green day, how I miss the days when you were GOOD.


Oh yeah. I only remembered the GOOD one. I forgot (probably on purpose) that Rod Stewart had a crappy song by the same name. :slight_smile:

(no offense to any RS fans. I personally just can’t stand his singing)

I’m not sure I really understand the concept behind this. Is this something that was played during your graduation ceremony? At dances? That you voted on?

Our class song (1990) was Forever Young - Alphaville all the way, baby!

I just hate hate hate when it gets confused with the Rod Stewart version. My school was pretty 80’s alternative (we played Front 242’s Headhunter at pep rallies, if that gives you an idea), and we would never be so lame as to pick Rod Stewart to remember our youth by! :smiley:

Barbarian, for us, it was a song that the senior class voted on, to remind us of the school and our class and the time and all that, I suppose.

“The Best of TImes” by Styx.

Class of '90.

“This Is The Time” by Billy Joel

Class of 1987

Another “That’s What Friends Are For” from '86 for me. Terrible song and people totally forgot that it was song about supporting AIDS victims.

Convict, though “TBOT” is perhaps the most cliched of Styx class songs, their anthems of youthful optimism were and are IMHO the best choices for class songs. Personally I wanted “Haven’t We Been Here Before” but the list could go on, “Don’t Let It End,” “Angry Young Man”…

Incidentally, for those who will get to choose at some point, let me suggest ‘Prom Theme’ by Fountains of Wayne.

The lyrics: http://www.lyricsstyle.com/f/fountainsofwayne/promtheme.html

Class of '89

Processional - In My Life, “The Beatles” (though several of us strongly suspect that the Senior Class President rigged the vote because there was A LOT of pull for “Rawhide” for the processional by what seemed like everyone in the senior class except the Class President)

Recessional - All Along The Watchtower

It’s an elaborate setup to find out how old we are!

Ahem… Class of '94

“In Your Eyes”, Peter Gabriel

I’m a senior this year also. We don’t have a class song. At least, not that I know of. We could, but since I can’t even remember the prom theme (which was announced just a few weeks ago), I certainly won’t remember the title of some song I probably don’t like anyway.

Though a certain group of individuals in my literature class are apparently vying to get a Russian pop song about the wonders of Vladimir Putin played at prom. If they manage to pull it off, I would be glad to consider that our class song. However, I suspect it will go the way of the “Llama Proma” campaign for prom theme (in other words, dismissed without thought by the administration)…a pity, really, as it’s a hilarious song.

I bet plenty of classes of '81 and previously had it too, back until whenever it was first performed. Shit, I hate that song…


Class of 1991: “Winds of Change,” Scorpion. I believe it was played during the recessional after we done gradjiated.

Class of 91

On the ballots I suggested “Too drunk to F***” by the Dead Kennedys. I have no idea what ended up winning.

Hmmmm…Of course, there’s also a song of the same name by some guy named, uh, “Dylan Bob” or something like that…:smiley: