What were Margret Gormans measurements, and why would we care?

Now that we have solved the question, “What happens on May 33rd, but only on leap years?”, let’s try the next question on the “You Can’t Win” contest.

One wrong answer has been submitted so far. He said, “34, 11, 14. She was the thinnest woman ever.”

Anyone else ever hear of her?

Well Google says Margaret Gorman was the first Miss America, but I can’t tell you why her measurements would be important.

5-1, 30-25-32. She was the first Miss America, in 1921.

The only reason I’ve ever heard of her is through comparisons between her and the latest Miss America, measurement-wise, as a statement on how American women’s bodies and body images have changed over the years. This is pretty much what appears in the article Elvis linked. Doesn’t seem like that would be the answer to why we care, though.

Unless I’m missing something or they’re desperate to give away prizes, this looks waaaaaay too easy compared to the last one. I suspect that the tricky part will be the “why would we care?” bit (aside from the fact that it should be “why should we care?”, in my humble opinion).

Deceptively simple?

Stay tuned…