What were the designers of this radio thinking?

FM radio, for use in shower, with soap dispenser. From the web site of consumer electronics company elta GmbH.

Exactly what you’re thinking. That it’ll make for an excellent back massager.


Does the soap come shooting out of the tip? 'Cause that would be HOT.

Geez…I was thinking to myself, “They’ve had shower radios for YEARS…what’s the big deal?”

Then I clicked on the link. Oh, baby!

I am so getting one of these.

That they would make a lot of money. :smiley:

It goes to eleven! At the base of the shaft, it has three round objects! A great conversation starter! Get one for the kids! :slight_smile:

I always wondered what happened to that German Industrial Design student I had that dated.

For those (like me) having trouble with the link in the OP, here.

I can’t find the tagline “available at your nearest Spencer Gifts” anywhere in that ad!

Blue. Now I understand why Smurfs always seem so happy.
Of course, I can think of several talk radio shows where it could be fun to have the sound coming out of your

Looks like the punchline finally got its joke:

What did the woman say when she found her elta 3148 to be empty?

And now, the perfect gift for all those people who think the sun shines out of their ass.

Sound effects.

This part from the description probably doesn’t mean what it looks like it means.