What were the first games for each console?

We’ve looked before at what the final games were for major consoles. I think Aragorn’s Quest is the final significant PS2 release, for example(nearly, anyway).

But what were the first games released for major consoles?

I think Popeye was the first Famicom(NES) game. It was made in 1982 and, I think, came with the Famicom in Japan.


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Not an easy question to answer. It’s hard to say when a game is “first”, because most consoles have more than one game available when they’re released. Makes sense; who buys a console that only plays one game?

For example, this article says that the original Atari VCS (later named the “Atari 2600”) shipped with the game Combat, but that eight other games were available at launch. So, should we define the game included in the box as the “first”?

I would consider Mario 64 as the first N64 game, although Max Torque is right that other games were available on launch day

dk for NES, super mario world for SNES, virtua fighter for sega saturn, super mario 64 for n64 for sure…

luigi’s mansion for gamecube? halo for xbox, kameo/perfect dark reboot for 360 (wow those were duds), twilight princess/wii sports for wii, not sure what the ps3 launch title was. blue ray player?

Here’s Wikipedia’s list.


The one on lists a few:
Here’s a better one