What were these old Nazis singing, at Skorzeny's funeral?

Just a slightly creepy music question I’ve been mulling about, for awhile. I’ve finally found a sound/video clip to show what I’m talking about, so…

Can anyone tell me what song these people were singing (starts at about 0:40) at Otto Skorzeny’s funeral?

I couldn’t make out the lyrics well enough to search for them, and it’s not one of the scary German songs I do know by ear, so I haven’t got a clue. Can anyone help?

This is an old Spanish civil war fascist anthem:

Cara al Sol (Facing the Sun) - Spanish Falange anthem:

(Propaganda piece put up by a modern day Spanish fascist, you can ignore it. but is interesting in the sense that it shows fascists had no compunction in hijacking christian symbols)

The anthem has a mention to the “Impassable gesture that was present in our struggle”

I thought that sounded like “Aleman” (German) but it is “Ademan” Gesture. So I wonder if the lyric was changed for the occasion.

As Franco’s fascist regime remained after the end of WWII, some Nazis escaped to Spain (when Argentina was not reachable) to avoid allied justice and used the connections established by the Wehrmacht with the Nationalist veterans of the Spanish Civil war.