What were they thinking?



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Welll, I don’t know exactly who made this decision. The Chinese were never directly affected by Hitler. Granted, it was an offensive idea, but I can see how a Taiwanese executive would be out of touch with public opinion in Israel and Germany. I mean, if you asked a business exec in Europe or America what he thought of an ad featuring a cartoon of Pol Pot or someone like that, I doubt they would be exactly shocked. The savvier ones would know it was a bad idea, though.

By the way, I’m surprised to learn that Israel and Germany have any diplomats in Taiwan at all.

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I think this goes to show that the US is not the only country with an abysmal ignorance of the history of other countries. We may be the best at it, but we don’t hold exclusive rights to it.

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Here’s the ad:

<img src = “http://abcnews.go.com/media/World/images/ap_tiawan_hitler_991122_n.jpg”>

Speaking of American historical ignorance, I noticed the following short paragraph in the article:

I find it amusing that the authors of the article felt it necessary to mention that Hitler “was responsible for the extermination of millions of people during World War Two.” Just in case you thought they were talking about a different Hitler, or you forgot who these “Nazi” people were, or they didn’t get around to World War Two in your history class.

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The United States also has diplomoatic representation of a sort (i.e., the “quasi-official” groups to which the article linked above refer) in Taiwan; in our case, that representation is the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). The AIT functions very much as an embassy or consulate does–issuing visas, renewing passports, etc.

The US government also recognizes Taiwan as distinct from the People’s Republic for immigration purposes - i.e., Taiwanese are not subject to the quotas that mainlanders are subject to.

Whoa. Sounds like our representation in Taiwan is closer to “official” than I had thought. Thanks for the info, guys.

Actually, the title of this thread is one which could benefit from the Attack of the Killer Commas (see numerous threads in MPSIMS and the Pit).

“What, were they thinking?” :wink:

Sort of like how the news spent the first 15 years of the AIDS epidemic repeating, “HIV, the virus linked to AIDS.” Every time they did this I felt like screaming “WE KNOW!”

Well, they did have to deal with that whole Duesberg crowd for a while, y’know.

As of today, the ad has been pulled.

I understand, Matt. Unfortunately there is STILL a small contingent of people who insist that the holocaust figures are in error because there was no reliable census of the Jewish ghettoes before the inhabitants were carted off to concentration camps and starved, beaten or otherwise exterminated. This is as sad a denial as those who insist that HIV does not cause AIDS - see http://www.cqs.com/aids.htm for the Duesberg story.

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