What were your experiences with iSoldit (e-bay place that sells your stuff for you)

I have been thinking that I want to use iSoldit because I have many textbooks to sell (about 50). I tried to sell on half.com and ebay, but they want you to supply a credit card, bank account number, and checking account and I don’t have a checking account and I don’t feel comfortable giving them my information such as my only bank account number with my life savings in it. I feel that if I hand over my stuff to iSoldit I don’t have to go through the problems of going to the post office and boxing things up, but you do have to give them a share of what you make. It kind of makes me want to sell it on my own when I have to give the ma share, but I would like them to handle it. What have your experiences been with iSoldit or any other place that sells things on websites for you?

I’m afraid I haven’t tried any of those places, but I’m interested enough to give this a bump.