What were your favorite lunatic theories on the SDMB?

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So you are saying a deliberate detouring from the subject at hand by inferring I was “a pig in the mud” is not an attack?..

I am the foremost researcher in the world on this subject…I’ve done two public radio shows in major cities discussing my evidence…Your site called my research a “lunatic theory”…

No, the foremost, and most likely only, researcher in the world on this subject was the coroner who did the autopsy.

By definition a coroner is not a researcher…The coroner who did the autopsy was England’s best, Dr Donald Teare…The Chief Coroner who oversaw Teare was Dr Gavin Thurston, the head of the London Coroner’s Office…In an interview with reporter Jack Meehan Thurston said “Mr Hendrix’s stomach contents at autopsy showed he had imbibed a large amount of red wine”…By saying this Thurston condemned the autopsy because, as Chief Coroner, by definition he was required to then process why Jimi only had a trace blood alcohol amount while being witnessed by the Chief Coroner as having a “stomach full of red wine”…That stomach full of wine should have produced a commensurate blood alcohol content…It was Thuston’s job description to figure out why it didn’t…This is proof of malfeasance at the least and proof of a cover-up at the worst…

Forensically, a stomach full of red wine with no ensuing blood alcohol content is also proof of drowning in wine because the only way you could have a stomach full of wine with no associated blood alcohol content is if the lungs were drowned by that same wine causing the heart to stop, therefore causing the intestines to not absorb the wine…

Could you point us to an objective form of measurement for determining which coroner is the best of his peers?

C’mon, gang, you’ve got to admit that reading a “favorite theories” thread, when suddenly the perfect example of a theorist shows up, is a cool sort of self-referential cosmic convergence…

I, for one, feel so lucky.

Well we all know that lunatic theorists never go on public radio shows!

So is it swords or pistols at dawn, sir?.. Choose your weapon…

I’ll concede that “Hendrix was drowned in wine” is not the most lunatic theory about Hendrix’s death. That honor probably goes to Wellaware1, who has incontrovertible evidence, including a dorsal hand vein match, to prove that Hendrix faked his death and became Morgan Freeman.

“Do I need to go on? No, not really, because if you have any ability to critically think and apply common sense you know for a fact with this scientific evidence as well as the supporting proof of his spouse, know what I am saying is FACT. If you claim to disagree, even after looking at the evidence in front of you, it shows you are thinking in a conditioned state and/or are benefiting from this lie somehow.”


We can only hope that one day, Jetblast and Wellaware1 will debate on live TV and settle this matter once and for all.


Two go in - one comes out!

Do they have to? Come out, I mean. Can’t we just leave them both in there?

Excuse me, but I need to know how to benefit from not believing Jimi is Morgan. Can I collect from George Soros (when I stop by his compound to get my cash for not believing Donald is still President)?


Since everyone is talking about Jimmie Hendrix I feel like I should mention the insane theory that DOORS frontman Jim Morrison faked his death and eventually became Rush Limbaugh. https://old.reddit.com/r/thedoors/comments/l782v7/jim_morrison_is_rush_limbaugh/

And that’s why Val Kilmer put on weight, so he could continue to play Jim/Rush!

Q E frickin D !

It all fits!

Wait…is Paul dead? aI may have to revise my theory.

The first two Pauls are dead, but the third one is holding up well, despite the efforts of two of the Beatles to expose the conspiracy…but he took care of that problem.

I have an issue of Batman that is a very thinly veiled telling of the dark knight exploring the ‘Paul is dead’ mystery.

He discovers Paul is alive. It’s the other three Beatles who died and were replaced by lookalikes.

Can we prove it DIDN’T happen?