What were your favorite lunatic theories on the SDMB?

I believe that I was suspended, or not yet a member, in time for the controversy over male circumcision. (Is that why the name Jack Dean Tyler is stuck in my head?) What was that all about?

OTOH, I was here for the floating stones of the Great Pyramid. Any others I forgot? Or as a project for new users, is there some lunacy on social media you’d like to introduce so we can all laugh at it.

Since Daylight Savings time was so successful, someone suggested applying the same principle to the calendar. Skip March and go straight from February to April, and then make up for it by repeating September over again. People have been trained to think it is whatever hour you tell them it is, so it ought to work for months, too.

My own.


Most of the explanations for what “14 k of g in a f p d” means.

Possibly this one:

Yes, a newbie keys in a wall o’ text solving one of the great questions and defends it to the heat death of the universe or sees something sparkly.

The one where you could build a cable car to the top of Mount Everest, solely by excavation with shaped charges, and putting workers in space suits.

The one where you could easily nuke a full-tungsten asteroid and it would save the earth.

The one where you could cure death by uploading everyone’s consciousness into a server and eliminate disease.

The one where you could solve global warming by dumping a tone of methyl-sufloxide-something-or-other into the atmosphere to capture carbon because an economist wrote about it.

This is starting to sound like a list of Friends episodes.

Weren’t those all the same person?

Could be. They all sound alike after a while. :wink:

Except that woman fixated on a singer named James something.

Oh, yes, she was named JamesOttoLover and would get really nasty with anyone who doubted God or his pal James Otto.

She’d basically call a poster a godless slut, then close with “God luvs ya, and so do I :heart: :heart: :heart: !”

As an aside, I listened to some James Otto just to see if there was any reason for someone to be so smitten with his music. Big nope. Overproduced boring “country pop”.

I was here for this, and I remember thinking at the time that if you did ask him for his “paper with diagrams”, he’d mail you pages torn out of a school notebook with ballpoint pen scribbles.

.Erp. :face_vomiting:

I has replying to Tripler–I think all of his were SamuelA.

I checked to see if our little lunatic has killed Mr Otto. No. I was going to blame Tuba. She’d like that.

That one where a poster proposed that the Apollo pictures taken on the moon were faked… to hide alien cities and UFOs on the moon.

Oh, yeah; and at the same time the moon landings where the pictures came from, were fake too… :crazy_face:

The response to that was led by our own Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, who was still a member when I joined.

Or do I know him from the JREF? It’s hard to say sometimes.

Maybe not exactly a theory, but I occasionally like to visit the thread about pitching a movie with 1/4th of a script, 5/16ths of a storyboard, a link to someone else’s Youtube videos and a partial container of Orange Tic Tacs.

I am the person that posted this, shortly after writing this document, I was able to retrieve memory of a gun shot injury to my head that had happened approximately 20 years earlier. I was having a dripping sensation in the middle of my brain during the time I posted this theory and parts of my memory that I had not been able to access since the injury were beginning to become active again.

Thanks for letting us know!

Best wishes, and I hope that you’re in better health and a better frame of mind now.