What were your parent's crushes?

We’ve had a lot of childhood crush threads on the Dope. Inspired by this thread, what were your parent’s big celebrity crushes? (Or for that matter, grandparents?)

My mother was ga-ga over James Stewart, back when they still referred to him as Jimmy. Dad could have been a cousin of his.

Appearances of Cyd Charisse on the telly would trigger yells of “Daaaaaaaaaaaad!” so he could come turn into a pool of goo. Mom is both a brunette and a female member of the human species but there ends the resemblance.

For my mom it was Tom selleck.

For my mom, Sinatra. For my dad, Grace Kelly.

I had an aunt who never married and, to my knowledge, never dated much. She was very involved with my brothers and sister and I as we were growing up (she and my mother had that best friends kind of sibling relationship).

By far the most sexually charged thing I ever heard her say was that she liked watching Spencer for Hire because she thought Robert Urich was “very handsome”.

Anyone else? Ladies, Robert Urich fans?

My mom was hot for Richard “Jon Boy Walton” Thomas. She’s also a George Harrison fan and a fan of Richard Chamberlain, whom she remembers as Dr. Kildare.

My dad had the hots for Elke Sommers.

When my mom was a teenager, she thought Elvis was the bee’s knees.

EVERYBODY had the hots for Elke Sommers!

Mother: Dana Andrews, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, Trek-era William Shatner.

Father: Doris Day, Virginia Mayo, Avengers-era Diana Rigg.

My grandmother loved Tom Jones. We watched his show every week and she never let a chance go by to remind us that he could “eat crackers in her bed” any time he wanted.

My dad was a big Rachel Welch fan. Oh, and Angie Dickinson too.

I know my mom must have had some crushes, but she pined for a real life ex so much, that that’s all I can remember.

Mom: Johnny Cash and Bobby Vinton
Dad: Bridgette Bardot

My father dated Anne Meara. And he had a celebrity crushing on him – Benjamin Britten.

My mother once mentioned crushing on Frank Sinatra.

Mom loved Errol Flynn.
Dad thought Rosalind Russell was pretty hot, and Marilyn Monroe, of course.

My mom was also hot for Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell, until he went more into pop music.

My dad had a thing for Natalie Wood, too. But hey, who didn’t? :o

The first crush I knew about on my mom’s part was Englebert Humperdinck. Never Tom Jones - he was “too sweaty”. Later, I remember her crushing on Frank Langella. She even went to see Dracula with me, and she was not into that sort of thing at all. I don’t think my dad ever mentioned any celebrity crushes, unless maybe he told my brother. He did watch a lot of The Love Boat; maybe he had a thing for Charo.

All I can remember is mom expressing swooning admiration for Cesar Romero! She thought he was so so handsome, back in the day. late 40’s, early 50’s.

My Mom too. She cried when Thomas Magnum shot Ivan.

My mother loved Fred Astaire. She used to joke that she gave up a dancing career with Fred to marry my father. At least I think it was a joke.

Back in the Sixties, when I was a kid, My Dad watched ***The Avengers ***religiousl. It took me a while to realize Diana Rigg was the main reason!

And my Mom loooooved her some Cary Grant.

I figured that one out because we stopped watching after Diana Rigg left the show.

I recently bought a set of all the Emma Peel episodes on DVD. Damn, she was something.

I have no idea who my mom’s crushes might’ve been. Maybe I’ll ask her the next time I see her.