What/who is QNC (#777)?

Ok, last night at 8:00 pm, I know where I was and what I was doing. I was not making any calls on my cell phone, but my cell phone was in my lap at the time. The reason I happen to know all of this for certain is that I was timing myself doing a routine task (I was bored) using the stopwatch feature on my phone. What is very, very odd is that this morning, I missed a phone call – I checked to see who it was and in looking at my recent calls list, there was a call made from my phone at 8:01 pm to #777 – listed as QNC Call. It lasted for 7m14s. How could this be?

If it’s relevant, I have Cricket for my service provider and this would have been a call made while roaming as my house is outside the service area. I reiterate the fact that not only was my phone in use for its stopwatch feature (I was really, really bored!), but in my lap the entire 9 minutes it took me to complete my task. I have never seen this particular call show up on my phone and I am way confused. Any help would be appreciated.

I have no idea, but I’m dying to know what the “routine task” was.

It’s exactly what you think it was…I really was bored…and with my husband away on AT…

Yes, but … what was the final count??

Maybe 777 is a callback service. You know, so the phone … vibrates.

Googling for QNC #777 shows that it has something to do with connecting to the internet through your phone.

9 minutes, 39 seconds – I would have noticed if the phone had vibrated. It didn’t. You can understand why I am very curious WTF happened.

ugh! does the phone have a camera?

Thanks! Now, this is probably it – the internet feature is very close to the stopwatch on my phone’s menu. Strangely enough, though – I do not have internet access while in roaming, so it is odd that the call could have lasted for 7 minutes. I don’t doubt that I might have connected by mistake, but I am surprised that I wouldn’t have ended the call by exiting to the stopwatch. :smack:

QNC stands for “Quick Network Connect” and #777 is the number one dials to access the service, which provides Internet access using your phone like a modem. Many people use it to connect their laptops or PDA to the Internet through their cell phone.