What "wildcards" do you use for personal info on the boards?

Ah, yes, I also referred to my tumor as Sublight, Jr. a while back, but he’s no longer a part of my life.

I always just use “my mom”, “my sister”, “my brother”, because I have too many to make up an alias for each one, and I don’t feel comfortable using their actual names.

Nieces and nephews I usually use nicknames for though. There’s The Rugrat, Gator, Blondie, Lizardboy and Butterfly…the new baby doesn’t have a nickname yet.

Hmm, it hasn’t come up yet, but I have a variety of unappealing choices. Probably better to stick with the generic “my *” instead.

I always go with “Mr. Levins” to designate my other half; he’s my fiance, but I hate saying “my fiance” over and over again, or “my SO,” because they require use of the word “my” repeatedly.

Plus I just get a kick out of calling a guy as undignified as he is “Mr. Levins.”

He does too, FTR.

Everybody else is “my parents/brother/best friend” whatever.

When I rarely refer to relatives, I describe the relation… except for The Terrible Twins[sup]TM[/sup] :smiley: I mean - they’ve earned it!
(and apologies to The Terrible Teen’s mother (above) - we’ll just have to share the name space. By the time mine are teens, your’s will no longer be…)

And I use my real name in many posts (although not always), and my location is real, too.

Dan Abarbanel

Since my husband posts, he’s Airman Doors. (I just call him Airman, and no, I don’t call him that IRL.) My son is, of course, Aaron, although prior to his arrival, he was Baby Doors. I’ve used RobinMom for my mother and RobinBro for my brother, but usually I just say “my (whoever)”.

As for my address, I’ve admitted that I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, or at least I’ve dropped enough hints that a reasonably intelligent person could noodle it out. For my actual, physical address: Fat chance!