What "wildcards" do you use for personal info on the boards?

  1. Family members: I’m sure you’ve seen me refer to dad_mcl and dr_mom_mcl. But I have used aunt_mcl, mr_aunt_mcl, uncle_mcl (not the same… my dad had a brother and a sister), and a variety of cousin_mcls.

  2. My address: 6969, rue Sainte-Tapette, Montreal QC, BL0 J0B.

I just give my real personal information. Im not worried about stalkers. In fact, Id actually enjoy the attention. And since I have no money, anyone who stole my account info would just be practicing…

My name doesn’t lend itself towards related terms. I suppose Mother Forest and such but I’ve never used it like that.

I’ve used Chandler Bing’s address. Which I made up of course. I even made up an e-mail addy for him. cbing@, well I forgot what it was. I sure hope it wasn’t a real one since they’d have gotten a lot of real media crap mail.

I’ve never used wildcards for my relatives, and I’ve never had a reason to give my full address. With my family, I’ll usually just say my mother or my brother or what have you. Not sure why I don’t. Maybe because Mother Skinner sounds sort of…disturbing.

For my kid I say Twiddlette or the Liddle Twiddle. Everyone else I just say my husband or my mom etc.

I suppose I could wax poetic with dominant sevenths, sharp nines and flat thirteens. Perhaps throw in a full diminished (since my name is synonymous with half diminished).

Nobody would get it.

I just call my wife “my wife” and let it be at that.

Rest assured, I would find it hysterical… if I knew anything about music. Which I don’t.

For myownself, it’s Mr. Armadillo, MamaArmadillo, PapaArmadillo, hypothetical offspring are MiniDillos, etc.


I’ve got Mr. TeaElle, BabyTeaElle, BabyTeaElle Two: Electric Babyloo, Mama TeaElle and Sister TeaElle.

I’m going to let this thread serve as notice that my kids are now going to be known as Little Girl and Baby Boy, because it’s too much to type all the other!

I used to live in a BTB in the BPC of NYC, and no one ever seemed to get what BTB was – Big Tall Building. NYC denizens seemed to get BPC was Battery Park City, but as one of the 8 million stories in the big city, I wasn’t all that worried about that location being too revealing. I now live “near Billary” which is only clear if you know who Billary are and where they live, but if you don’t, you’re stuck and I’m not helping. :smiley:

My username comes from the hero of Wagner’s Der Ring Des Nibelungen, which is based on Norse mythology. I played “Siegfried’s Death and Funeral March” in band many years ago, and I got hooked on the whole opera cycle.

When I don’t refer to my relatives by my relationship to them (mother, father, etc.), I refer to my parents as Siegmund and Sieglinde. Of course, according to the legends, the two are half-siblings as well as being lovers. Kind of an icky thought.

If I had a girlfriend, I’d call her Brunhilde and refer to her friends as the Valkyries. Continuing on the Wagner theme, I call my sister Isolde and her fiancée Tristan. My laptop computer is Balmung, Siegfried’s sword per some sources.

See, I’ve heard of Battery Park, but I didn’t know there was a “City” appended to it. I mighta gotten “BP.” Okay, maybe not.

If I ever have the occasion, I will use Balin for my bro, and probably Mama Dwalin, Daddy Dwalin, etc. for my other family members, since I figure it makes sense.

The only reasons I’d use Balin instead of Bro Dwalin or some such are that:
A. I know the name of Dwalin’s brother
B. It’s faster to type
C. I feel like showing off my LotR knowledge (sparse though it is)
D. I want to

I generally refer to my spouse as The WryGuy, because it rhymes and because it is fairly accurate; my daughter is The Terrible Teen, but only because The Perfect Child (tm thingie) was already taken.

Location-wise, Chicago 'Burbs is vague enough.

I’ve never had occasion to reference any of my relatives. I’m sure they’re grateful.

My wife is Joule. My little dog is Erg.

I used to say Mrs Priceguy until it dawned on me that a)we’re not married and b)Pricegal is much better in every conceivable way.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned any other relatives. I suppose I’ll say Pricedad, Pricemom, Little Pricebro and Big Pricebro if that day ever comes.

My boyfriend is irishfella.
Pretty much it.

I’ve considered using Nurse Jackson for my wife and The Residents for my kids but since I’m not really a doctor and don’t want to leave the impression that I am, I usually go with “my wife” and “my kids”. Tres original.

Hm. Well, when I finally marry my girlfriend, I suppose she’ll be Mrs. Torque. Or should I call her Min?

Well, hubby is Mr2U, son is Mini2U, dog is Dog2U, and as for my address, I refer often enough to the general area where I live.

I don’t think I’ve ever referred to my mom or dad or brother at all - I suppose it just hasn’t come up.

Back before we were married, I tried referring to my fiance as Subgirl, but it sounded a bit demeaning. Now she’s Mrs. Sublight. Anyone else, I refer to by their title: Mom, Dad, boss, dipshit, etc.