How many usernames do you have?

Yesterday I discovered I have a Twitter account; and I just uploaded a picture to imjur. Off the top of my head, my usernames around the Internet are Johnny L.A., Gordon Bennett, RogerRoundley, and Blank Reg. There may be others.

How many usernames do you have, and what are they?

Are you implying there are other sites besides The Straight Dope? :eek:

Outside of the Dope, I am Lurker most places, Amish Gone Bad on a biker site, and a cousin from mothers side of the family on Facebook. Most of the boards I visited have folded but thanks to the Way Back Machine I can still find some of my old classics when I really want to.

I use Bumbazine almost everywhere, with one alternate spelling.

I have a couple of different usernames on 2 other sites, which I’m not going to divulge.

I use generally lingyi or a variation with additional numbers if lingyi is taken. I purposely chose a username that fairly common so my online activity if fairly vague. I’ve caught and reported a number of trolls because they have a unique username that appears on multiple forums. Also, I purposely keep details like my exact age and places I’ve lived vague so when I post about someone or something, someone else doesn’t read it and go “Hey, I know who lingyi is in real life!”.

Oops…I’ve said too much. delete…delete…delete :stuck_out_tongue:

two. this one, and another one closer to my real name.

A few different variations of my name, a few deliberately unconnected to the rest of my online life, although they’ve been out of use for a few years, a few just random …
Let’s say anywhere between 10 and 20, possibly more.

I’m either RealityChuck, or some version of my actual name.

I used to use the name Muzition a lot. Though other people have also come up with that username, so not all references to “muzition” online are me.

I’m kayT everywhere but had to put a number on there in a couple of spots. Huh. Hard to imagine I am not THE ONLY kayT.

I’m not telling you want other usernames I have on various sites, but there’s four of them I’ve used in the past other than the one I use here. None of them are remotely related. My IRC nicknames were something completely different with one overlap between part of one of the user names and my most common nick. My AOL screen names were completely different from those as well. I generally have one that I stick to now, except in one particular area of interest I have where I use one that’s more in-line with the names used there.

I’m kayaker, or kayaker with a number most places. Another name a few places that goes waaaay back.

ETA: I was ThaiGuy (the weed, not the country) on a number of defunct cannabis sites.

One, it’s oddly never taken.

I have a couple other usernames fighting the good fight elsewhere.

I’ve been tempted to change my name in real life to Buck Naked, M.D. (which would inspire confidence among my colleagues and patients). Maybe that should wait until I retire and go into consultant work.

I’ve made an effort in the last few years to try and change all my usernames to Ike Witt.

Jophiel on my legacy sites.
I started using Syntax Error on some newer sites but the name is (unsurprisingly) often taken. So I instead started using Syntax Turtle based on my avatar which is (unsurprisingly) never taken.

I am Czarcasm on any site that doesn’t require use of an actual name, and off-line at conventions.

Why don’t you also start a thread, asking all of us, our mother’s maiden name, color of our first car, first pet’s name, etc.

I’ve always had just one.

If you don’t want to answer, then don’t answer.

Anyone who looks at pictures or videos I’ve posted, which I have taken and uploaded myself, can see my usernames. It’s not really a secret. The whole point behind made-up usernames is that they can disguise your real identity.