Do you have a usernamesake?

I’ve had this username since waaaaaaay back on the BBS I used at school and I used to be able to safely say that I was the only Brainfizz on the web. It meant that I always got the username I wanted when signing up to anything, e.g. brainfizz@aol,hotmail,yahoo, whatever.
Alas, a good thing has ended. There is another Brainfizz on the web. An artist named Jelene from Kansas City. It turns out that we’ve got a lot in common. She’s a professional artist, I’m a well published poet, we both like similar things, etc.

So, do you have a usernamesake? If so, are they like you?

Bah. When I first became Legomancer I did several web searches on it and found nothing.

Now I’m some kind of artist, a quake player, and someone on a scandinavian message board. Drives me crazy. It’s MY name, people, find your own goddamn name!

There’s someone on the web who shares my real name; he’s active in groups that make models of military tanks, though I haven’t seen much new about him for awhile.

I’ve yet to see a duplicate of my username.

Unfortunately for me, based on this Google search my beloved moniker has been co-opted by some very odd people. I can’t even figure out what half of them are in relation to.

As a bonus, there is now a, which is aparently a shrine to some yokel’s Supra.

Just did a quick Google check. I’m just me out there in the bright, beautiful Web. You want “Rue DeDay”, I’m your man!

I thought I was one of a kind, but there must be a man out there somewhere with my user name and he must have “size issues” and an insatiable appetite for porn to judge his e-mail that accidentally winds up in my inbox.

My namesake is an independent wrestler out of Texas. I could whoop his ass.

I’m also a card in the Marvel OverPower CCG.

Except when I signed up on AIM, I haven’t found another Homebrew. But I was actually surprised by the moniker being available when I signed up here and at other message boards and such.

Just lots of references to the book I stole my username from. No one else. Good.

Geez. Where do I begin?!? Not only is the an imposter named winstonsmith on this very message board, they’re everywhere! I’ve even heard there’s a book written about me. :dubious:

Apparently there is now a Sir Ethilrist leading a Black Horse Troop in a Glorantha campaign. Yay.

I’m still the one and only, reigning champion Meatros no one other than I has my name!


But people say it all the time - when introducing people to our long-haired presenter Jonothan, in the style of James Bond (i.e. last name first)
(meet Ross, Jonothan Ross)
do I get the lame award?

WRTTOP - I am weak with names. I either choose my own name, or whatever thing is in my life at that moment. Right now I am discovering Terry Pratchett, so my namesake is a character from one of the books. One time I was in the middle of a certain playstation game so I called myself Fortesque (not in the SDMB)

in the SDMB I have only been lobley and (duh) Lobsang

(I mean I am reading his books)

“Harli” isn’t my most common screen name that I use. My other is a Hungarian nickname, so it’s fairly common in some areas.

As for Harli though…there’s someone with a LiveJournal with my name (not me), and there appears to be an escort in Dallas as well. There’s a few others too.

Often I will go with HarliQ which is short for Harli Qwynn. I’ve never come across another of either of those two.

Please welcome our newest member:cuauhtemoc jr.

…sike :smiley:

or perhaps “psyche?”

Like Meatros, as of right now I am the ONe ! the ONly! NinetyWt !! TA Da !

Now crunchier! Tastes Great and Less Filling!

Wow, me too!

Of course, I don’t think “Lissa” is all that unique of a name to begin with. I do like the idea of having the same moniker as a “Lissa Explains it All” page.

Jus wil ol me on this big ol internetty thing. Thus far, any mention of my user name on the internet has been about me. I’m hoping. :slight_smile: