What does your username mean?

I’m fairly new around here, and I’d love to know what significance, if any, people’s usernames have.

With regard to mine, many years ago when I first got online I created a website devoted to Godzilla (for reasons not soon to be explained). I called it “Barry’s Temple of Godzilla.” The very first message boards I posted to were sci-fi related, so I chose “godzillatemple” as a way of letting people know that I was the guy who created that particular website.

I don’t do much with Godzilla these days, but still use this username out of habit. Besides, there’s always a chance when I post to a new board that somebody will recognize my name from other boards I’ve frequented over the years.

Anybody else care to share? Or at least point me to one of the numerous past threads that I’m sure have covered this topic ad nauseam?



OK, I’ll bite.

I’m Irish, a girl, and I love horseback riding.

I am a ballroom dancer and I met my husband at a Swing dance concert.
Sorry, it’s probably more boring than you all thought. :wink:

I think you misspelled “Here’s what my username means.”

For the record, Mine is pretty dull. My first name is Legomancer, so I used it here. My last name is Jones.

I chose my username to honor the real-life Janie Jones, who is also the subject of a great song by the Clash.

And because my name really is Janie Jones. I kid you not.

Incidentally, this is my 10th post.

Double digits! Wohoo!

Y’all might want to sheck out this thread in MPSIMS:

Erm… check out, perhaps?:o

Hello again, Innanna. No, I’m not stalking you or anything, it’s just a coincidence. Welcome out of Lurkertown.

I just came in here to post the following:

“I am afraid that the derivation of my username will have to remain a deep dark secret. Fortunately for me, I don’t believe anyone could figure it out for him- or herself.”

Lame joke, isn’t it.

'cause I’m a little unbalanced…

  • or -

It’s French for “Green Igo”. Whatever an “Igo” is.

So, IrishRideGirl, how you doin’?

[sub]I am in such trouble now[/sub]

Philosopher = One who seeks wisdom or enlightenment by asking questions.

I simply shortened it to Phlosphr.
If you see this particular Liscence plate. Do not flag me down.

Thank you Cal.

Well, I have a copy of the album “Country Barber” on my living room wall, and I always wondered what Tony Barber’s underpants would be like. I then decided that “Tony Barber’s Underpants” would be a good name, but accidently asked for 'Tony Barber’s Underwear" and got that instead.

  • Bubba.

When I first got online, I signed up for everything I saw and needed a unique user name so I wouldn’t have to remember so many.

At the time, I had just learned the first name of my gggrandmother - Mahala. Somewhere along the line, someone had already used it, so instantly I changed the first letter.

I thought no more about it until the second time I was referred to incorrectly as a female on a board somewhere - then I remembered how I decided on it.

Since then, I’ve never had to go to another.

My first name and a number.

Mange Tout = French ‘eat all’ - I like food.

One Username I have always wondered about is Duck Duck Goose

When I joined the Motley Fool messageboards (about three months before I joined here), I was working on an undersea fiber optic cable project.

sub - undersea
light - fiber optics
Unfortunately, I changed jobs two weeks after I signed up here, so it doesn’t really apply anymore. I like it, though. I’ve thought about changing it, but I know that as soon as I do, whatever inspired the new name will change, leaving me once again with irrelevant nomenclature.

btw, Mangetout, you never played “Duck, Duck, Goose!” as a child?

The story of how I came up with my username is both long and boring.

The reason I keep it though is simple:

I’ve got some really geeky friends. The type that refer tol each other by their online names, which are all fairly typical: Q, Hellspawn, Psycho, etc. I figured right, that with a goofy online name they’ll have to call me by my proper name in real life.

Never heard of it until now.

Um, you do know that “mangetout” is what the British (and presumably the French) call snow peas (or sugar snap peas), don’t you? Plus, I was almost certain you were going to tell us it was actually “man get out” anyhow. :wink:

Mine is rather boring – my initials are JR, and I was using that on another list for a while. Later I tried using it to sign up for something and was told I needed at least three characters. Rather than the rather naff “jr1”, I picked a number I thought scanned better.

I later discovered people were reading it as “gyrate”, which, while not my intention, is fine by me.

S.O.B. Don’t ask. No, really. :slight_smile: