What does your username mean?

[sub]Pssst! The Kingdom Of Butter = Blighty[/sub]

The explanation of the deep enigma that is my username … is still not forthcoming.

My username comes from the a story about the battle of good vs. evil. I wrote the first part here.

It came to me in a flash of inspiration…

El as you know means “the” in Spanish. Basically, it means the 477th fkin. A fkin is, of course, an intelligent, yet fey, being from planet Eurion, which is in the Ming galaxy who decided to visit earth despite people saying it’s a bad idea. 476 of my brethren also landed in Mexico, and we’re just trying to fit in, you know?

oh, all right…elfkin means “related to elves” ( or “a little elf” depending on the dictionary), usually a elf/human crossbreed, which one of my friends growing up, who was a lunatic, seemed was convinced I was. My DOB is 4/10/1977 so hence the numbers.

[hijack]It’s played in a large group, with all the kids but one sitting in a circle. The one who’s ‘it’ walks around the outside of the circle tapping each kid on top of the head saying "duck… duck… duck… " At some point, ‘it’ taps a kid on the head and says “goose!” The ‘goose’ must get up and chase ‘it’ around the circle. If ‘it’ manages to reach the spot where the goose had been sitting and sit down without getting caught, then the goose is now ‘it’ and the game continues. If the goose catches ‘it’, then the goose returns to his spot and ‘it’ must try again.

Great fun when I was in kindergarten, but it kind of needed a supervisor.

My username is rather unassuming, just my three initials followed by the year in which I was born. Boring, I know.


Mine is another in the line of em…lacking in imagination usernames, being merely my real name minus the first and last letter.

Can you guess what my real name might possibly be? Answers on a postcard, please. It’s a toughie, that’s for sure.

Would that be Karo**?

Or Maron?

Perhaps Daron?

Make that Karon



I was a member of “Knights of the Vorpal Sword” in high school. We had all memorized “Jabberwocky.”

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. Are those even real names? :smiley:

Think *‘brother of Moses’*or 'Elvis’

Clues don’t get any better than that! :wink:

[on preview, sees Mangetouts post]
Yep, that pretty much nails it!

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Zarox… Am I right? (do you wear a one-piece gold lycra suit with a silver lightning flash across the chest?)

Only on weekends. :wink:

Actually looking at it, I think I might be down the Deed Poll Office first thing tomorrow.

Zarox. The detergent of champions.

Couldn’t possibly be anything like Aaron.

My username is just a random word that no-one had used so far.

Just be sure not to get before that horse.

Nah, he said it was difficult.

I think Zaron has hope.

Oh, and also

Crablackarotartonicular is my final guess…

It’s a long shot, but I think it’s right…