What does your username mean?

Mine is an obscure reference to the Zork universe. Mumberthax was one of the Flathead rulers. I chose the name because it sounds cool, and it’s an obscure geek reference.

It’s my real name. S. N. Faulkner

Mine also means S. N. Faulkner, I’m just a really bad speller.

I am also S N Faulkner and so is my wife

i am spartacus!

I used to know what my name meant years ago, but I can’t seem to recall any more. And where are my pills?


My name is Johnny, and I lived in L.A. when I registered?

Turkey breast.

My dad variously said he suffered from CRS or CRAFT. Can’t Remember Shit, or Cant Remember A F***ing Thing.

I’m not sure what my name means.

I forget. I’ll have to check my logs.

I’ve always liked your user name, it seems to be saying something but something cryptic, enigmatic or obscure.

I assumed that it was asserting the trustworthiness of a brand of skin care products.

It’s Welsh. “Son of Music”. Bard name!

I’m not S.N.Faulkner, so I chose a name that is not snfaulkner to avoid confusion. In retrospect, I can see that this approach may not have worked as well as I had hoped.

When I met my current wife her mother had a cat named Dallas. When her mom’s health began to fail I was informed that we now had a cat. Hated men because she had been thrown out of a car window and into a Mini-Mart parking lot, by presumably a man.

Once she figured out that the guy beside the fire was the same man who filled her food bowl, we were best friends for 20 years. Jones because I never knew her real last name. Could have been Smith.

This is the strangest episode of To Tell The Truth, ever!

I wanted a username which superficially sounds like it could be a real name but once you stop to think about it a moment, you realize that it’s made up.

I’m not telling. You’ll have to guess.:wink:

I knew a guy called Ronald McDonald, so you can never be sure.