Explain your username!

There are just so many names on this board that seem to make little sense but must to their repsective owners. I thought it would be interesting to find you some of them

Mines pretty lame, I’d just finished watching the Simpsons episode where Homer finds out his middle name is Jay, and i thought that Homer J was pretty anonymous so perfect for the SDMB!:smiley:

IM sure some them must have interesting stories behind them, so come then whats yours?!!

I intend to conquer the world.

Just ask my future ex-wife where mine comes from. She’ll tell ya…

No explanation needed here. Now go away and let me take my nap here on the porch in peace, dagnabbit.

It’s “typo man”, but, see, here’s the funny part: There’s a typo in it! Hilarity!

There was a “Find Your Star Wars Name” thread. I liked it enough to change my old name to this.

I’m big, hairy and I live in the swamps.

I own ferrets, and it’s a reference to the colloquialism “as pointless as herding cats” in that they’re willful and tend to ignore you. Substitute ferrets, which have the attention span and energy level of a two-year-old hyped up on a double espresso, and you get an idea. Plus dealing with my life feels like that, on occasion.

Mine was actually printed on a prescription bottle by a pharmacist who couldn’t read the doctor’s writing. It stuck.

It’s a name, and I use it.

I’m working on my degree in library science, and am a free thinking martial artist (and occasional Motorcycle rider).

Renegade Librarian :slight_smile:

Story arc from Spider-Man comics many years ago, “Maximum Carnage.” I shortened it to Max when I was playing a lot of lazer tag and needed a battle name. Now I use it anytime I’m gaming online or IRL.

I am a fan of the late Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

There’s this odd Chinese (I think) candy that my mom used to buy in large quantities when they lived in the DC area called “White Rabbit.” Oddly addictive stuff. I miss it. I keep meaning to capitalize the “W”…

The story behind my username is here:

I have a strange accent and growing up my older sisters wouldn’t play with me. I always cried to my Mom that the “gulls” (girls) won’t play with me. Now that I’m an adult I’ve earned my status as just “one of the gulls”…

Nothing signifigant here… Silver is my favorite color and my favorite metal, the spellling is off just enough to be noticeable, and it aligns numerologically with my birth number.


I like rats.

I took two syllables from random titles of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books that were stacked by the computer. I can’t even remember the titles now.

Mine is a type of object that one encounters in model theory and non-standard analysis. It sounds cool.