How many usernames do you have?

Hey, I can’t admit that here…oh, you mean on other sites.

Too secret, can’t tell you. A lot of time Hermitian is taken, so I have to pick something else. Remembering numbers at the end is just too complicated.

The question is about places where your username is public anyway, not your bank login. Everyone who comes here can see all our usernames.

At no site of actual consequence will it help you to know that on some web forums I use Jophiel. I don’t use Jophiel as my bank login because I’m not a goof (most of that stuff asks for an email anyway, not a username)

Not if someone is able to connect all the different user names and tie in all the information given out on all those different sites.

I am ThisSpaceForRent here, and in the Iditarod community (few different I’rod sites). Have a unrelated user name at and way way back I was a third at a Real Estate Appraisers forum.

THISSPACEFORRENT…still for rent or lease

Mostly I use the same user name everywhere, but I do have a separate user name for gaming sites (games like Fallout, Skyrim, etc, not the gambling type of gaming if that was what you were thinking). I am not going to tell you the name, but it’s a combination of characters from two very different movies, one being a Mel Brooks movie and the other being post-apocalyptic.

You’re “Lili Von Max”?

I’m NotherYinzer here, though I’d like to change that. On Fark I’m InvisibleInsane (out of sight, out of mind). Daphodyll is my moniker on some sites and Reddit knows me as davmilasav.

I also go by Sam Austerlitz and Amos Borodino, both of which are plays on my IRL name.

Ben Sawyer, benjamins, bensaw (I like this one :slight_smile: ) …oh and my favorite - anarchytect :slight_smile:

Der Trihs here, Obscure Blade on the Giant in the Playground forums (it was also my City of Heroes forum name originally), Avernus on a few other forums. I’ve also used Odder, Sothoth and Acid Syrup here and there.

I have about 10 usernames that I use on different fora, including That Other Website. No, I’m not going to tell anyone what they are.

What is That Other Website?

Mostly Rhiannon8404; on one site alter ego is Epona8404.

Don’t be ridiculous, he’s obviously “Children In Tights”.

Binko is my other user name, but I’m pulykamell the vast majority of the time. I think somewhere out there I may have also been ratatouille (back in the late 90s, before the movie.)

Oh, wait, back in ye olde 90s, my first handle was sicarii. I hadn’t thought of that in ages! That’s the one I used on the occasional dial-up and telnet BBSes I participated in. (ISCABBS hosted by University of Iowa was the main one.) But I don’t believe anything exists on the internet from when I used that handle.

I generally use just two: Spoons (like here), or ChevySpoons. In real life, I’m known by either, which means that if somebody calls for “Spoons” or “Chevy,” I’ll answer, “Yes?”

I have no alternate fake identities and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one of me anywhere. Not that I patronize many other sites any longer.

Now that I think of it, I have no idea what alternate identity I’d come up with anyway. It’d be tough.

Considering this one is a little older you may want to PM nearwildheaven if you are really curios.

Am I paranoid? I worry that some Super-Google decades from now will link all my secret names together, and thinly disguised personal anecdotes would become public knowledge with real names. I’ll be dead but maybe my children will be affected.

The reason this is silly paranoia is that today’s young people are revealing so many secrets openly on social media that my secrets are just an uninteresting drop in a vast ocean. Personal privacy is disappearing completely. Before long the very word “privacy” will be marked obsolescent in dictionaries.

One name I do NOT use on other boards is “septimus.” My first thread here was “Seven Septet Puzzles” in The Game Room so I chose “septimus” as a name, never guessing I’d be around for another seven years! :smack:

I don’t know; is anyone other than me out to get you? :smiley: