What will 2045 look like?

In a few months Marty McFly will appear in “The Future”, aka the present from our point of view. He sees a couple of young people (let’s call them Amy and Rory) using a Smart Phone. Amazed, he stops his Delorian to investigate. While Amy distracts him with her pictures on Snapchat and Youtube, Rory steals the Delorian and travels another 30 years into the future to 2045. What do you think he’ll see? Flying cars? Hoverboards? Home fusion generators? Crazy how those technologies are always a mere 30 years away!

The most likely futures IMHO:

Possibility 1: A primitive wasteland after the fall of civilization and the death of most of humanity.

Possibility 2: A mind controlled totalitarian state, probably via brain implants.

Possibility 3: A few rich individuals living in luxury supported by robots with perhaps a small population of slaves, with other 99%+ of humanity having been exterminated after they were no longer economically useful.

Possibility 4: A population universally genetically engineered to be religious fanatics, constantly fighting among themselves. May collapse to #1 or #2 at any time.

I think Artificial Intelligence is the next great change that will happen in the next 30 years. In other Back to the Future threads we commented on the huge social changes in the 60’s and the huge technology changes in the 90’s. I don’t think it will be the so called “singularity”, but I think all technology from cars (quite possibly fully autonomous, though that may be as much a stretch as flying cars) to home appliances will be infused with AI. I think AI could take over enough jobs that there will be laws regulating how much can be used. If true, AI will consume as much public discourse as Health care today.

Well the Flying Car will not be it, look it has been predicted to death and generations later it is still toe exist. Well unless you count planes and helicopters.

Imagine how ugly the sky will be with all these cars flying above? Imagine the dangers, cars crashing into one another! Notice how planes can’t fly too close to each other, to avoid any mishap? I doubt all these cars would be able to fly around, too hazardous.

Not mention it would affect other things, take architecture, buildings would have to have only roof top parking lots. The cars just can’t land anywhere they please, plus technology that would make it feasible for cars to land and take off.

It just won’t happen, cars are always meant to be driven on ground, no matter the time period.

And why not count planes and helicopters? People often say things like “I want a flying car, and I don’t mean a helicopter”, but they’re considerably more vague on what they do mean.

They might occur, but definately not within just 30 years.

I think self-driving cars are a solid step towards flying cars, though I really doubt we’ll see mainstream adoption of human driven flying cars, only autopiloted ones.

Rich is a relative term. If everybody left is rich, nobody’s rich.

Hope you’re right about the 99% and the robot sex slaves though.

I hate to nitpick, but in the BTTF universe, there will be flying cars in 2045 since Marty’s 2015 has them. Also, hoverboards and Mr. Fusion.

But in the real-world 2045, no flying cars. We probably will have a woman for president even if it’s not Hillary Clinton. We may see a manned Mars landing. We’ll probably return to the moon, too.

Jeez, dystopian much?! :smiley:

New cars will have highly developed autonomous driving modes and at some point this will be a safety requirement for new vehicles. There also also be integrated speed limiters on civilian vehicles that react to local speed limits.

High energy lasers will supplement or replace many projectile weapons in military applications.

Reliable stun at a distance weapons will be available.

Before 2035 there will be some sort of fundamental political upheaval in China.

Pakistan will use it’s nukes on India

Reliable male birth control will be available and birth rates in many western nations will plummet further. This will be a civilization game changer over the long run.

Medical science will be able to grow or manufacture replacement organs.
… and of course economically viable fusion based power generation will be just around the corner.

Totally automated transportation, genetically engineered babies, and quantum computing will be the biggies.

iPhone 37s. And yes, people will still be lining up around the block just to be one of the first 10 million to own one.


Desktop computers will be gone - all work and programs stored and run online.

The James Webb Telescope will find a planet with an oxygen rich atmosphere which will be the most compelling evidence to date that we’ve found life on other planets.

Cuba will be the hot vacation spot.

The Cubs will win the world series *

There will be a trend where some celebrities wear air masks to avoid breathing the same air as the crowds they’re in.

*just kidding! Had to throw one suggestion in that’s completely impossible

A world of realists where all religion and other hate generating organizations will have faded away.

Full-fledged computer AI will be achieved.

AI in cars will reduce traffic congestion, fatalities.

Brain implants for direct link to the Internet.

Superstorms and extreme weather more common globally.

Greater use of the Internet for voting and national referenda.

South and North Korea unify surprisingly peacefully.

Cosmetic surgery for the very wealthy will be even more common.

Not “a meal in a pill,” but much greater efficiency in food technology.

Nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

Nuclear and biological terrorism against the U.S., the U.K., Israel and/or France.

Global pandemic as bad as the 1918 flu.

Police energy weapons with both stun and kill settings.

Fusion power will finally - finally! - be achieved.

I’m curious as to how you think there’s going to be a massive wave of secularism completely overtaking, say, Saudi Arabia within the next 30 years.

Tattoos will be done with ink that can easily be removed so people will be comfortable with more bold looks. Facial tattoos will be common, especially for sports teams and schools.

The concussion controversy will lead to the death of the NFL as we know it. Soccer will be the lead sport in the US.

There will have been a major attack on the internet that will cause an outage that lasts weeks.

There will be a skinny pill that actually works - Rory won’t see one single obese person.

In 2045:

Fusion will still be 50 years away.
Unless someone has discovered how to synthesise petrol from thin air, vehicles will largely be electric.
Electric power will be generated by nuclear and renewables.
The world will have got over its hangups about nuclear power.
There will have been a major nuclear attack; one day a Western leader will decide that sometimes it is necessary to not show restraint.

And people will still say that it doesn’t really count, and will wonder when “true” AI will be achieved.