What Will Africa Be Like (Demographically) in 25 Years?

If the AIDS activists are correct, there will be a massive die off of people in Africa. Supposedly, infection rates in some countries are over 30%. My question is: if this is not checked by a vaccine or treatment, what will the population of Africa be in 25 years? Will there actually be a population decline?
And, what countries will suffer most?

It depends on who you listen to – there are many different demographic cites.

This article lays it out for you and provides statistics


Acording to the UN the biggest African problems are:

By 2010, the populations of five countries - Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa will have started to shrink because of the number of people dying from AIDS. In two more countries, Zimbabwe and Namibia, the population growth rate will have slowed almost to zero.

I think it’ll be something like Europe, circa 1400, after the Black Death, if something isn’t done. There are also hugh problems (no, I don’t remember the cite) with the fact that in I believe South Africa, a large portion of the nurses are infected. Who will care for the sick when the health care workers are dying?

Even the worst hit countries are set to double or triple before 2025, how is that anywhere near Europe where the population was cut by a third?