what will Amazon do if asked for 1000 gadgets? do they ship in bulk?

suppose I don’t want to track down the company that actually makes and/or sells a gadget and negotiate with them. I just see it on Amazon for a low price, and I decide to buy a whole lot of them. Does Amazon support bulk purchases, running into hundreds or thousands? Do I use the shopping cart or do they have a special office to handle this?

Or will doing so cause some sort of alarm bells in the management leading to instant price hike?

You can buy 999 copies of a thing. They just say the shipping dates aren’t necessarily accurate for bulk orders, and that they may not actually have enough copies. I wouldn’t be surprised if companies buy large quantities of books: Amazon’s prices could easily be as good as the publisher’s direct bulk price in some cases.


No special office just order away if they can’t fill your orders they’ll let you know. On actual Amazon products the price doesn’t change regardless of amount ordered. They can and will sell more then they have in inventory. If they can’t meet an order for any reason, like the manufacturer can’t supply more, they will contact the purchaser and refund the order.

Much of what is sold on Amazon now is actually through independent vendors. The products they sell are live inventory. As a vendor I have 500 widgets I dedicate 100 widgets to Amazon sales at a specific price. Every time someone buys one there is one less available. If for some reason there is a rush on an item I’d put another 100 up at a higher price and see if those go too.


by selling from independent vendors do you mean the sales that are clearly advertised as “seller so-and-so with n-star rating”? Or do you mean that some of the unmarked sales that appear to be from Amazon without any vendor info are actually from independent vendors too?

They have gotten much clearer on the items from vendors. It usually says ‘instock and sold by soandso’ now. I believe the average person can easily ID Amazon and non-Amazon items now.

One of the biggest complaints Amazon had was their variation in prices due to the vendor program. One very recent change is items above a non-released MSRP value will not show up in the featured box anymore.

Amazon is becoming the new norm for small business online sales as Ebay with their fee’s and blame the seller mentality has driven them away. Amazons standards are much higher though and they will ban sellers that screw around very quickly.