What will happen to the Iraqi 'Deck of Cards' people?

Now that a goodly number of the famous ‘most wanted’ on the Iraqi deck of cards have been captured, what I wonder, will be their ultimate fate? What charges can be brought against them?

They will be dealt with in due time!

QtM (running away very fast)

I’m sure they’ll be dealt with.
(Whew, I got to say it first!)

Blast, you, Qadgop! Cut it out.

They will probably get shuffled around first though…

Will the same thing happen to each of them, or will the deck be cut?

Their careers have been abridged

Maybe they’ll be put in solitaire confinement.

If they can find a free cell
…and I’ll let someone else carry on.

You forgot the obvious, “they’ll only be playing war now.”

Perhaps a red-hot poker could be used on them.
Damn, all the good ones are taken.