What will make Java load?

My computer, I’ve reformatted god knows how many times and it still won’t let me load up chat rooms, stuff like yahoo pool, or any other kind of java room. Is there something, a program, or anything, that I can download to fix this? THanks

Give us some details to help you. What operating system, which browser, what kind of errors do you get, etc.

There are a number of security settings in Internet Explorer that can cause problems with applets. But are you sure you’re talking about Java applets here, and not shockwave? Shockwave is far more common for interactive web apps these days.

Maybe your right Sam, it could be shockwave. Whatever yahoo uses to run its chatrooms and any other chatroom for that matter won’t open. I’m using Internet Explorer with Windows Millenium. The only errors I get are a failure to load.

Have you got a URL for a couple of sites that don’t work? Are you behind a firewall?

My guess is that you may have your security settings wrong. In IE, go to Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level, and make sure you enable activeX controls that are marked safe for scripting, and enable Active scripting (I think shockwave players are ActiveX controls).

Possibly an insulting question, but have you actually installed Java from Sun’s website? Sometimes the Microsoft version is a little…problematic.