What will the revolution look like?

Or perhaps it would be more of a civil war given how fragmented the country is ideologically?

At what point has a government gone too far? So far that large chunks of the population ignore its authority, take up arms to defend themselves against it and ultimately seek to overthrow it?

Given the current domestic condition of the US, most folks have stable, reliable income sufficient enough to acquire adequate food, utilities & shelter so we’re still pretty much at the “scream in outrage at the TV while stuffing our gobs with hot food” phase. So I would say that, although I would love to see dramatic changes in our leadership, ain’t gonna be any organized, large-scale rebellion like we saw in the mid 1800s. Not until we actually FEEL the impact of misgovernment in the form of sustained acts of war against our lands or significant disruption of commodities.

But assuming some of that happens, what will it look like here? Do you see a clearly defined border formed by a new alliance of seceeded states? Do you see 50 self-governing nations ala preunified Germany? Do you see anarchy in the badlands between Mexico and Canada as we see it in Iraq and certain other European nations in the recent past?

I heard a poll result about a year ago.

The question - “Has the President unified, or divided the country”

49% yes, unified

51% no, divided.

That pretty much answers that question…

Sorry, no cite.

It will not be televised. :smiley:

(Actually, the one thing we can be sure of is that it will be.)

I think there is no chance of a revolution so long as there is the possibility of government change through elections. I’m more than a bit skeptical, having known lots of people 35 years ago convinced the revolution was coming soon.

Here ya go.

Since I have a 12 ga Mossberg and the government has nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, I don’t think it will happen. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but the execs of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation will be first up against the wall.