when the revolution comes

I have reading such stuff for a few years now.
Its even mentioned on the sdmb.
What do you mean?
IS there a revolutuion expected in America?
How would it come about?
(vanilla, who tried to make the revolution happen in the 60’s but was too busy with her homework…:wink:

Well, first of all the marketing department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation will be against the wall.

It is merely a sarcastic recycling of tired Marxist/Ultra-Populist rhetoric, meant to be tragicaly hip. :rolleyes:

Often, but not always, posted by a generation that doesn’t believe in anything strongly enough to bother to vote for it , much less fight in the streets.

Not worthy of your time. Or mine. Or even theirs.

Despite the miltia-type “USA is going down a rat hole” rhetoric, we’ve been quite stable since 1974.

The only recent event that might have been remotely touchy would have been the 2000 presidential election if it had been a Perot type guy that had the election stolen from him. But still, highly unlikely. (Can’t you just see H. Ross declaring himself President, creating a new Supreme Court, etc.?)

Dammit Schnite, you beat me to that reference but not this one:

The revolution will NOT be televised.

But Doomsday will, on CNN :d

I don’t see any immediate reason to assume there will be an American revolution in our lifetimes. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be. It’s pretty clear from looking at history that major changes in the government of nations do happen from time to time, often without clear warning far in advance. Revolutions are kind of hard to predict. As for one occurring in America during the next few decades, I wouldn’t bet my checking account on it, but you never know.

-Andrew L

There really isn’t any revolutionary movement with much steam behind it afoot in North America right now. They saying is an artifact, I believe, from the last century dalliance with the failure that was communism, a saying that got a boost in the '60s, and is now about as relevant as (the probably misquoted) “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Will it be prefaced by a shot heard 'round the world?

Nah, that’s been done.

“April 26, 1992.
There was a riot in the street. Tell me where were you?
You were sitting home watching your TV
While I was PAR-ticipating in some anarchy.”

Man, Sublime can bring it.

Seriously, though. For a real revolution to appear there must first be widespread dissatisfaction with existing living conditions. And let’s face it, in the United States we’re one helluva long way from anything like that. Hell, our needs are so fulfilled (on average) that we go about MAKING up new ones to keep ourselves busy.

I mentioned it just this week in fact.

When I wrote it, I meant (in a ironic manner) that Bill Gates was an egotistical fool with more money than sense.

The American people are revolting!
Citizens demand new government!

America is now Fundamentalist.
Abe Lincoln named High Priest.

[sub](I play too much civilization…)[/sub]

Some people like to say that here in America, we have a revolution every four years! or some such. I don’t think elections should count as revolutions however. At least, not until the Bolshevik Party wins anyway.

But we can use the ballot box to stage a revolution.
[size=6]VOTE LIBERTARIAN[size]

I do not think the average American would get off their sofas long enough to stage a revolution.

Not unless the cable went off.

Hops in his time machine and comes right back

Well, in retrospect, it seems like you are (will be) right.

Too bad the popcorn at the execution was(will be) stale.

LOL. How true is that?? hah hah