What will Trump's last Tone-Deaf remark be before the Election? Mocking Hip Hop

So - what will Trump’s last tone-deaf, offensive statement that alienates another group of folks before the election be?

Today, apparently, CNN is reporting that he demonstrated more cultural cluelessness after Hillary had that benefit concert featuring Jay-Z and Beyoncé:

His willingness to not only not court, but to offend different groups just boggles my mind.

They be speakin’ good language?

Oh no, the black vote will abandon Trump now.

It’s like he’s doing a bit that was dated in 1990, much less a quarter century later.

He probably thinks Jay-Z is some niche figure instead of one of the best-selling artists of all time and second only to the Beatles for #1 albums in the US.

It will be funny six or more months after the election when Trump is trying to rebuild his brand and pretend that he never said anything that he said on the campaign trail.

We’re talking about Trump-He’ll be doing this very thing two hours after the election is called.

Oh, yeah, I know. That ship sailed eons ago. It is still amazing to me that given half a chance, he will still grab a shovel and keep digging.

What’s amazing is that Trump and Russell Simons are apperantly really good friends. You would think he would have a little understanding of the popularity of Hip hop at least.

Maybe if Jay-Z performed “Pussy” he’d have been speaking Trump’s language.

Why didn’t they tell us compositions such as this could have made us rich?

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Yeah, that deep cut from someone else’s 2002 album is exactly what made Jay-Z rich, and not his 13 #1 albums (and media empire).

Six months from now? That’s what his campaign was built on.

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I haven’t listened to much Jay-Z, would you say the rest of his work is superior?

Sorry about that. Spoiler with a link work?

He’s not my favorite rapper at all. But Empire State of Mind, 99 Problems, and Dirt Off Your Shoulder are all much better tracks and much more representative of his talent.

If you’re looking to be wowed by the artistic merit of hip-hop (you seem a little skeptical), you might spend some time with the Roots or Kendrick Lamar.

Trump of all people criticizing rap for coarse language is a knee slapper. Maybe next he’ll say they flaunt their wealth and objectify women too much.

Hmmm… I have an idea for a Black Jeopardy sketch on SNL…

“Is it talking or singing?” would maybe be a reasonable thing to say about rap (though it’s a dilemma easily resolved just by calling what they’re doing “rapping”), but if you’re talking about hip-hop and artists like Beyoncé, it doesn’t even make any sense. Beyoncé is singing.

I’m not skeptical of rap. I’m stuck listening to 80s pop most of the time. But I really like stuff like Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A. for example.

Is it acceptable to nerd out on hip hop in this thread? Because I have some Run the jewels YouTube links I can share.

I think we would all enjoy the “Nobody Speak”(DJ Shadow Featuring RtJ) and “Close your eyes and count to…” Music videos.

Take our minds off the seriousness of the election.