What Wine Shoud I Serve With Lobster Souffle?

For New Years Eve, My sweetie and I are staying home. I am cooking this dish I saw prepared recently on an old Julia Child show.


I have no idea what wine might complement it. (it will have to be white). Any thoughts?

Thanks and best wishes for 2009…

I think you go two ways. You can either try and match the richness of the dish with something rich and opulent like a top drawer (ie expensive) California Chardonnay, or you can try and compare and contrast, in which case a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc would be my choice.

I’d go for an Alsatian - probably a Riesling, dry to semi-dry. That, or champagne.

You’d better invite me over to make sure, though. What if I’m wrong? I could bring a selection of a few bottles, we could experiment. :smiley:

I think I’d try a couple - a California Chard and a sparkling wine.

Looks like you’ll need a couple of cups of wine for the recipe anyway. For a good bargain chard, I like Cambria Katherine’s from Santa Maria Valley. For something a little more lush but should be readily available, Ferrari-Carano makes a few vineyard designate chardonnays that are delicious. I like the Fiorella vineyard chard and I think it would go wonderfully with your dish.

And since it is NYE, a sparkling wine is fitting. From France Moet & Chandon’s White Star, or from CA Scharffenberger Brut. Both of those are easy to find, rich yet clean, and decently priced.

Boones Farm or TJ swan. I’m up in the air.:wink:

From What to Drink With What You Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page:

Highest suggestions for lobster in general:
BURGUNDY, WHITE, ESP. FULL-BODIED (e.g., Chassagne-Montrachet, Corton-Charlemagne, Meursault, Montrachet)
CHARDONNAY, ESP. CALIFORNIA (i.e., buttery, oaky)

Specific suggestions for lobster souffle are: White Burgundy; Chardonnay; White Graves

Thanks Everyone!!! I just got home and started cooking.

I ended up with: 2006 Toasted Head Chard. and a 2007 Oyster Bay Sauv. Blanc. I wanted a bottle of the Nautilus but they were sold out. :smack:

I will use our regular plonk in the recipe (Little Penguin). And we have a bottle of cheap bubbly for later.

As an aside, Ms LP came home with 25 lbs of lobster today due to the extremely low price. We will be having lobster for weeks!

Happy NY All!!!