What woman in history do you dislike the most?

Pretty simple, pick one woman from history that you dislike the most. If at all possible, pick someone who’s deceased.

I’ll go with Queen Boudicca, probably because I’ve been reading about Londonium lately.

It seems an unusual request, but the best I can do is to select almost any one of the female Christian martyrs.

Ayn Rand. There are women in History like Catherine de Medici and Jiang Qing who caused more suffering, but Rand’s stench still lingers in our current political landscape.

Hard to top Jezebel of the Bible, with the Empress Dowager Cixi of China and Mao Zedong’s wife Jiang Qing trailing close behind at 2nd place.

Phyllis Schlafly

My first wife comes to mind.

Mother Theresa

See Christopher Hitchens’ exposé of what a nasty woman she really was.


Margaret Thatcher. I had to spend exactly 0.01 seconds thinking about that one.

My real question, though, is - Why Boudica? It’s not like she didn’t have pretty legitimate gripe with the Romans.

When it comes to history, one of my rules of thumb is “The Romans always had it coming to them”. They were history’s biggest assholes.

Great book.

Carrie Nation. Alcohol is not the root of all evil. And people who abuse alcohol don’t need to be put in jail.

Seconded. She came immediately to mind. “The bottle snatcher.”

This is who I came in to say. She was a real buzz-killer.

As a British working-class child of the 80s, I believe I’m contractually obliged to say Margaret Thatcher.

I’d like to throw in a dishonourable mention to Pauline Hanson as well- I’m not Australian, but I have some charmingly bigoted Aussie relatives who are supporters, leading to a lot of gritted teeth moments when I was staying with them.

Margaret Thatcher. Four out of 14, not bad.
Thinking of some of the first wifes I have met and heard of (including my own) we could try to make Dereknocue67’s first wife (#5 in this thread) into a generic description, then she would win, I guess.

Nellie Wilson Reagan.

Spend about 10 seconds reading about the Assyrian Empire, and you’ll change your mind.

I agree with Mother Theresa, but for some variation I’ll throw in Imelda Marcos.

Yep. Ninja’d me, too.

I’m totally aware of the Assyrians. I stand by my statement. This is a little hijack-ish, but is there something in particular that you think makes them worse than the Romans?

That seems like a good analysis. (Add Mary I to those that caused a lot of suffering).

I DISLIKE Mary, Queen of Scots. Because she seems to have been an idiot in over her head. I don’t think she did anything particularly terrible for her time - but she was dumb about almost everything she did and had horrific taste in men.